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Green Sea Turtle coming back down from a breathing at the water surface, Blue Background i

Auby the blue turtle

Auby the blue turtle

Once upon a time, on a golden beach, next to a big blue ocean, a mummy turtle sat proudly protecting her eggs. The eggs had baby turtles inside them and the mummy watched them hatch, one by one. 



Chapter 2 - Life in the big blue ocean

The ocean was full of sea life, there were amazing colours, different shapes and noises.


Auby’s mummy had told him about the bright sunfish, the white-sided dolphins, the smart sea lions and the big whales. 


She warned him of the poisonous puffer fish, the scary white sharks and the nasty manta rays. 



Chapter 4 - Auby's superpowers

Auby’s daddy was very happy to meet his son, he had lots of children and enjoyed getting to know them all. Auby asked his daddy why was he blue and not green like all the others. 


“You take after your grandad, he was a blue turtle. There have only ever been three blue sea turtles in the ocean, you, your grandad and your great-grandad."


Chapter 6 - Friends for life

The brave orange coral reef army, Auby's daddy, mummy, Auby, Forna and Peekay got a hero's welcome when they returned to the busy city. The happy sea creatures cheered with joy and clapped Auby as he swam through the crowds in the coral reef.


When Auby and his friends reached the open waters at the back of the city, they knew that Auby’s daddy wasn’t happy with his son, and he wanted to talk to Auby on his own. 

we all know that wasn't true because this was just the beginning of Auby’s adventures. 



Chapter 8 - What's happened to Peekay?

Peekay lay tangled in the torn net of the fishing boat.


“Help!” He shouted but none of his friends were there to help him.


A fisherman started to wrap up the torn net and he saw Peekay. He untangled the prawn's antennae from the net.


“Well I never, a pink prawn?” The man looked puzzled and Peekay dare not move. 


Chapter 1 - Forna and Peekay

When Auby was growing inside his shell his mummy would tell him all about the creatures in the ocean. That's why he wasn’t scared when he met the fish and the prawn.


“How do you do?” Asked the orange fish and she held out her little fin to shake Auby’s flipper. 


Chapter 3 - The orange coral reef

The orange coral reef was where all the small friendly sea creatures lived in that part of the ocean. Jellyfish, crabs and lobsters guarded the entrance to the orange coral city. 


“Wow!” Auby was amazed as he swam into the city. It was full of life and all the sea creatures seemed so happy. They were talking and laughing at each other, the city was very impressive.



Chapter 5 - Auby to the rescue

Auby’s daddy was on his way to rescue Auby’s mummy. She had been taken prisoner by the nasty fish, King Fang Tooth. 


King Fang Tooth ruled the city of the deep. He was ugly and had one eye missing. Auby's daddy had injured the king in a fight, and the king lost his eye. The king had kidnapped Auby's mummy from the beach earlier that day for revenge.




Chapter 7 - Sid the swordfish

Forna’s mummy explained to her daughter that her daddy had been caught in another fishing net and he needed to be rescued. 


On the day that Forna had been separated from her family, she had thought they had left her and didn’t care but that wasn’t what had happened. From that day Forna’s mummy and daddy had been searching high and low for their daughter. 

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