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Terms & Conditions

Terms of service
How we work together.
Your brief.
Contact me and tell me what you want my help with. We can discuss your requirements by a call, or email or we can organise a meeting. You can give me a title or an outline and we can work together to achieve your goal. I take the time to learn your industry, do the research and be as creative as you like. 

I will provide a written quote once we’ve had a chat about what you need help with. Typically that’ll be a fixed price for your project, but if you need ongoing support then we can look at a set amount of hours per month.

As part of our initial chat, I’ll tell you my earliest possible start date and whether I can meet your proposed deadline. If I can’t, I’ll offer an alternative date. During a project, if something comes up that impacts my ability to meet an agreed deadline, I’ll let you know straight away. This includes any delay in getting the information I need from you. We’ll work together to find a suitable solution.
Getting started.

If you’d like to go ahead, just send me a simple email saying that you agree to the proposed fees and timescales.

I will ask you to pay a deposit. Normally this is 50% of the fee upfront. 
On-time payments.

I ask for payment, by bank transfer, within 14 days of the invoice. (Account details are shown on your invoice). 
Drafts, revisions and completion.

Usually, I will write the entire piece of content and send it to you as a full, first draft. I like to deliver content that you’re really happy with, so my fees include all reasonable edits and amends. If I’m writing website content for you, I’m also happy to review the copy once it’s loaded onto your site, because a few final tweaks can sometimes be needed at that stage.

Please be specific about the confidentiality of your content. I will sign a confidentiality contract if required. 
Copyright and legal responsibilities.

It is your responsibility to check the final draft and...
Any information you provide to me is legal and accurate. Secondly, if that information came from someone else, that you are permitted to use, reproduce or change it. Lastly, that the facts or details in the final draft are correct. I take no responsibility for the copy once you have approved the final draft, or for any legal repercussions that may arise as a result of you using the copy.
If you choose not to use any copy that I have written, that’s fine but you still need to pay the project fees as invoiced. Until final payment is made, the copyright for the writing remains with me, so you cannot publish, reproduce, change or distribute any of it. Once I receive full payment though, it’s all yours!

I do reserve the right to share a sample of the work I’ve done for you in my portfolio unless otherwise specified by you. 
Let’s see how we can turn your ideas into something that works for you and your business. 
Contact me today by email: or call me on 07800887857

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