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Hi, welcome to my website.

I'm just a person who loves her job. 

I come from a creative background and have been business writing for over 15 years. My career path has taken me from being a dancer, fitness instructor, primary school teacher, social media coordinator, and marketeer to a freelance content writer. 

I love being a mum (to 2 adult children), hiking, travelling and tapping away at my keyboard. I’m addicted to Percy Pigs, but I’m 3 years clean. 

Random fact: I’m ⅛ French. My roots take me back to the beautiful mountains overlooking Lake Annecy near the Swiss Alps. 

My father has owned a property in the Loire Valley for 3 decades with enough vines to make an entertaining rose wine. It goes without saying that I enjoy a glass of wine with my meal (preferably Australian Sauvignon Blanc - don't tell my father). 

Please find me on LinkedIn for more information. 

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