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Fresh New Leaf

About Rachel Roussell

I'm just a person who loves her job. 

Hi, I’m Rachel, a Copywriter and business blogger with over 10 years of freelance business writing experience. I write for B2B and B2C businesses and offer a variety of business writing services. 

I’m creative by nature and love what I do. 

When I’m not behind my desk, I enjoy being with family and friends. Laughing with my two children (now adults) is one of my favourite things. 

To keep fit and fight writer’s desk weight gain, I walk and do high-rise window cleaning. 

It’s an unusual combination - writing and window cleaning.


The two occupations complement each other, both help people see more clearly. 

There's something very rewarding about writing for a business, knowing my words are helping them with their online presence and building their brand awareness.

I can be part of your marketing strategy. 

Contact me today for more information. Call 07800887857.




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