I create written content for businesses - technical or creative and inspiring.


Creativity, problem-solving and hiking give me a buzz. My goal is to be tapping away on my keyboard and walking to see great views until my fingers and legs don’t work anymore. 


Writing became a big part of my life over ten years ago when I decided to get qualified as a writer and marketer. The journey began as a Social Media Coordinator and content creator for a marketing agency. I moved from B2B to B2C and worked in marketing for a software company. My passion for freedom and writing bought me to where I am today, a freelance copywriter. I have worked alongside creative agencies or writing with business owners who don’t have a marketing department. 


I’m never short of words or ideas, give me a topic and I will give you something worth reading. 

My freelance services would suit businesses that want one-off articles or ongoing content creation.


To find out more important information about my experience, please look at my Linkedin profile.


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How do I work?

I'm a freelance writer and when I work with a customer I get to know them, their industry and get a clear understanding of their requirements. A customer can just give me a topic or title, they can supply me with an outline or give me written content that may need a rewrite. Once the work is completed and any edits have been done, you pay for my services and then you own that content.


I can provide a quote and references if required. 

Creativity is my passion, I'm never short of words and I write for all industries.

Call or email me today to find out more information.



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