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Chapter 1 - Forna and Peekay

When Auby was growing inside his shell his mummy would tell him all about the creatures in the ocean. That's why he wasn’t scared when he met the fish and the prawn.


“How do you do?” Asked the orange fish and she held out her little fin to shake Auby’s flipper. 


“Very well thank you,” Auby said and he shook her little fin.


“I’m Forna, it's nice to meet you.” Said the fish.


“I’m Auby, it’s nice to meet you too.” He replied.


Auby looked at the prawn, its eyes were looking in different directions which was a bit confusing for Auby. Forna tapped the prawn on its head with her little fin making both his eyes line up properly.


“Ah, that’s better, I can see you now!” Said the prawn and Auby laughed at him.


“I’m Peekay.” The prawn told Auby and he held out one of his ten legs and shook Auby’s flipper. 


“I’m Peekay the prawn and you might wonder why I’m pink and not grey. I can explain, you see, it was a hot day a few weeks ago and I was lying in the seaweed and fell asleep in the sun and my body changed from grey to pink. It was so cool man.” 


Peekay looked pleased with himself and Auby laughed at him again.


“It wasn’t cool Peekay, it was very hot and silly!” Forna said in an angry voice.


“You can’t deny it, Forna, I look great in pink,” Peekay said to them both as he turned around showing off his new colour.


“You were cooking in the sun you silly prawn. Goodness knows what would have happened if I hadn’t come along Peekay. You would have been a fried prawn.” 


Forna straightened up Peekay’s two pink antennae hanging over his eyes, it was something that happened on a regular basis. 


Peekay stared at Auby, “I’ve never seen a blue turtle before, or have I? I thought turtles were green or are they blue? I get so muddled now I’m pink.” 


Peekay shook his head in confusion and his eyes went in different directions again.


“Please excuse him Auby. Peekay’s head had been in the sun far too long. I’m sure it fried his little brain.” 


Forna tapped Peekay with her fin again to line up his eyes and the three of them laughed together.


“Welcome to the ocean Auby.” Forna said and she told him to follow her and Peekay as they swam further away from the beach. Auby was nervous but also excited.


There were so many new things for Auby to see. He loved it, the ocean was just how his mummy had told him it would be.


They swam towards some flickering lights in the distance. Auby looked at Forna swimming by his side and they smiled at each other. Peekay happily sang to himself whilst his ten little legs pushed him through the water.


♬ “It’s time to see all the ocean little Auby, there’s so much for you to see.” He sang. 

“There’s fun and laughter in the ocean little Auby, so hang out with Forna and me!” He sang over and over again.♬


Forna and Auby laughed at Peekay, he was as mad as the Mad Hatter.

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