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Chapter 8 - What's happened to Peekay?

Peekay lay tangled in the torn net of the fishing boat.


“Help!” He shouted but none of his friends were there to help him.


A fisherman started to wrap up the torn net and he saw Peekay. He untangled the prawn's antennae from the net.


“Well I never, a pink prawn?” The man looked puzzled and Peekay dare not move. 


“Looks like you’ve been in the sun too long my friend.” Then he tossed Peekay over the side of the boat and back into the water.


Peekay swam for his life, calling out to his friends hoping he would see them or they would find him but they didn’t.


After swimming for a long time, Peekay was getting tired, he needed to rest and he bobbed up and down in the sea and closed his eyes.

When he opened them, he was stunned to see a little grey prawn bobbing up and down in front of him in the water. 


“I’m Ginnie, it’s nice to meet you.” The little prawn said. 


“I’m Peekay, it’s nice to meet you too.” Peekay replied in a sad voice. 


Meanwhile, Auby was trying to console Forna who was beyond herself with worry for Peekay.


“He can’t look after himself, I’m never going to see him again.” She sobbed.


“Another rescue mission I presume?” Sid the swordfish asked Auby’s daddy. 

“Yes, I guess so my friend.” 


Forna was so upset and her mummy and daddy took her back to the orange coral reef city whilst Auby stayed with Sid and his daddy whilst they thought of a plan to find Peekay.


Peekay told Ginnie the little grey prawn what had happened. She wanted to help, Ginnie had lost her family to the fishing net a long time ago and now she had no one.


“Can I come with you to find your friends?” She asked Peekay and he was very grateful to have her for company. 


They could hear the engine of the fishing boat getting closer to them and they agreed that they should leave straight away. 


Auby could hear the fishing boat too. There was no time to waste, he had to save his best friend so he swam off towards the boat at high speed.


“Auby wait!” His daddy shouted out to his impatient son. 

Auby turned back to look at his dad and when he turned his head back around again, Auby could see a pink figure swimming towards him.


“Auby my friend, you came back for me!” Peekay was delighted to see Auby and he tried to hug Auby’s flipper with his ten little legs.


Ginnie the little grey prawn introduced herself to Auby, his daddy and Sid. 


“I’m Ginnie.” She said and Peekay swam by her side and they held one of each other’s legs.


Peekay and Ginnie seemed very fond of each other and as they all swam back to the orange coral reef city, Auby was starting to get worried that Forna was going to get jealous of Peekay’s new friend.


“Peekay!” Forna screamed with joy and relief and she swam over to him as he entered the city.


Ginnie was by Peekay’s side and Forna didn’t look too pleased.


“Whose this?” Forna asked Peekay. 


Auby was right, Forna wasn’t happy that Peekay had a new friend. 


“Oh dear.” Auby’s daddy said. He could sense the jealousy and he and Sid swam off to go and tell their friends what had happened with the fishing boat. 


“Let’s go and see your parents Forna.” Auby said to Forna and he gently pushed Forna along taking her away from Peekay and Ginnie.


Forna was so sad, she had got her mummy and daddy back that day but her best friend didn’t need her anymore. 

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