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Auby the blue turtle

Once upon a time, on a golden beach, next to a big blue ocean, a mummy turtle sat proudly protecting her eggs. The eggs had baby turtles inside them and the mummy watched them hatch, one by one. 


A very special baby turtle broke out of its shell, it was blue with big eyes and four little flippers that were flapping around.


“Hello.” The turtle said to its mummy, and she kissed the turtle on its little nose. 


“Hello, my baby boy. Welcome to the world.” She said, and she kissed him again.


The blue turtle was so excited to be born and it couldn’t wait to play in the sea. It raced towards the water, the turtle could feel the warm sunshine on its face, and the sand tickled its nose.


Big birds swooped down to try to catch the turtle and stop it from reaching the water. But the turtle was flapping its flippers so much that the sand went up into the air and the birds couldn’t see anything.


As the turtle swam into the water, some of the salty sea water went into his mouth and bubbles came out of its little bottom. The turtle stopped and looked down to see where the bubbles had come from. 


He floated, hardly moving and he could see everything below in the water. There were bright-coloured fish swimming around and pretty shells of all shapes and sizes. There was so much to see and his eyes got wider and wider with amazement.


The turtle had a name, his mummy called him Auby. Auby was different to the other baby turtles on the beach that day, Auby was blue and they were green.


Auby lifted his head out of the water.


“I’m free!” Shouted Auby as he splashed in the sea.


He stopped briefly to wave at his mummy who sat watching him and waving back.


The water washed the sand off Auby’s flippers then he began to swim in circles because he didn’t know how to use them properly. After swimming around and around Auby felt tired and stopped flapping.


He looked down again at the swimming fish and pretty shells and he just floated in the water, gently bobbing up and down, watching and wondering what would happen to him next.


After a while, he started to feel sad and lonely but, he could see two sea creatures swimming towards him. They weren’t turtles, one was an orange fish and the other was a big pink prawn.


That day was the start of something wonderful, it was the day that Auby met his two new best friends.

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