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chapter 4 - Auby's superpowers

Auby’s daddy was very happy to meet his son, he had lots of children and enjoyed getting to know them all. Auby asked his daddy why was he blue and not green like all the others. 


“You take after your grandad, he was a blue turtle. There have only ever been three blue sea turtles in the ocean, you, your grandad and your great-grandad. You all have superpowers and you need to learn how to use them.” He told Auby. 


“Really, wow! What are my superpowers?” Auby was excited to find out.


“You can power swim, power lift, power punch and power flip.” His daddy told him.


“Come on son and I will teach you what you need to know.” They swam out of the city gates.


Auby and his daddy swam deeper into the ocean away from the orange coral city. His daddy told him to swim with the fast white-sided dolphins, he made him swim up to the surface of the ocean with four jellyfish on his back. Auby could push rocks along the seabed and did fifty flips without getting tired or dizzy.


When they had finished training, Auby and his daddy swam back to the orange coral city, they ate food and his daddy told Auby all about his grandad and great-grandad who were still alive and living somewhere else in the ocean far away. Auby listened to his daddy telling him all about his brave adventures in the ocean and he was getting sleepy.


“Daddy, I love you.” Auby said softly and he tucked himself under his daddy’s large flipper and fell asleep together.


A little while later a loud noise woke them up, he looked at his daddy who looked worried.


“Find your friends Auby, stay together and hide in the city.” His daddy told him. The large turtle swam off towards the gates of the city.


Auby was scared and didn’t understand what was going on.


“Come quickly Auby, we will explain what is happening when we are safe.” Forna told Auby. Peekay and Forna had already come to find Auby and took him deep into the reef. 


“The city alarm goes off if sharks, puffer fish, manta rays or anything dangerous comes too close to the city gates.” Forna and Peekay explained to Auby and Auby started to worry about his daddy. 


“I have superpowers and I want to help my daddy.” Auby told Forna and Peekay.


“What superpowers?” Forna and Peekay asked at the same time.


“I can swim really fast, lift heavy things and flip over and over without getting dizzy.” Auby told them. 


“Wow! That’s awesome.” Peekay said and he tried to do a high five but couldn’t manage it.


“Is that why you are blue, is it because you have superpowers?” Forna asked Auby.


“Yes. My grandad and my great-grandad are blue too. We are the only blue turtles in the ocean.” Auby told them and he turned and swam towards the gate.


“I have to go and help my daddy!” Auby shouted back at Forna and Peekay.

“Auby wait!” Forna shouted but it was too late, Auby swam out of the gates and off into the distance to find his daddy.

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