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Chapter 7 - Sid the swordfish

Forna’s mummy explained to her daughter that her daddy had been caught in another fishing net and he needed to be rescued. 


On the day that Forna had been separated from her family, she had thought they had left her and didn’t care but that wasn’t what had happened. From that day Forna’s mummy and daddy had been searching high and low for their daughter. 


Auby, Forna and Peekay swam out of the city gates and Forna’s mummy went to find Auby’s daddy to tell him what had happened.


Forna and Peekay held on to Auby’s fin as he swam through the water as fast as he could to try to catch up with the fishing boat that had been trawling in the sea that day.


“I can see the boat! We must be close to the net now.” Forna shouted to Auby.


“Daddy!” Forna shouted out to the large net that was full of fish.


“Forna, it’s not safe here, you might get caught in the net, go the other way!” Forna’s daddy shouted back at her. 


Auby was trying to think what he could do to help, how could he save Forna’s daddy without getting caught in the net himself?


“Stand back Auby!” Auby was relieved to hear his daddy’s voice behind him. He had gone to help Auby.

Auby’s daddy shouted to the fish in the net to swim to either side of the fishing net. 


A loud noise came whizzing passed Auby’s ear. Within moments the net was cut from the back to the front and all the fish escaped.


“Swim for your lives!” Forna shouted to the fish and they all swam off in different directions shouting thank you back at their rescue team.


Suddenly it went very quiet, the fishing boat’s engine had stopped and the fishermen started to pull the broken net up into the boat. 


“Quick, we have to leave!” Auby’s daddy shouted.


There wasn’t a moment to waste. The fishermen had thrown new nets back into the water. 


Once the sea creatures had reached calmer waters, Auby’s daddy introduced the hero of the moment.


“This is Sid and I think we owe him a big thank you.” Auby’s daddy said.


Sid was a swordfish, he could cut through just about anything. His sharp nose had cut through that net so easily and he had saved the day.


“Sid is one of my dearest friends and I called on him to help us.” Sid did a salute like a soldier.


“All in the line of duty.” He said.

“Thank you so much.” Forna swam over to Sid and kissed him on the cheek. She turned to encourage Peekay to come and say thank you too but Peekay was nowhere to be seen.


“Peekay!” Forna shouted.


None of them had noticed that when the nets were being dragged back into the boat, Peekay’s antennae had got caught up in the net and he was now on the fishing boat. 


“Peekay, Peekay, Peekay?” The rescue team shouted out.

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