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Chapter 5 - Auby to the rescue

Auby’s daddy was on his way to rescue Auby’s mummy. She had been taken prisoner by the nasty fish, King Fang Tooth. 


King Fang Tooth ruled the city of the deep. He was ugly and had one eye missing. Auby's daddy had injured the king in a fight, and the king lost his eye. The king had kidnapped Auby's mummy from the beach earlier that day for revenge.


Auby swam faster than ever before to try and catch up with his daddy. In the distance, Auby could see glass squid lined up around the walls of the city of the deep. Auby could see his daddy and his army getting ready to break into the city and rescue Auby’s mummy. King Fang Tooth’s soldiers captured his daddy and the orange coral army and took them to the dark prison where Auby’s mummy was.


Auby didn’t know what to do, he wanted to save his mummy and daddy but didn’t know how to.


“Wait for us Auby!” He heard some familiar voices in the distance. After a while, Peekay, Forna and more of the orange coral reef army caught up with Auby. 


“We will take over now Auby, go back to the reef.” One of the soldiers told him but Auby wasn’t listening. He was too busy hatching a plan with Forna and Peekay to save all the sea creatures that King Tooth Fang had captured.


“Come on!” Auby shouted at Forna and Peekay, and they held onto one of Auby’s flippers.


Auby power-slapped a dragonfish soldier that was standing guard with the glass squid. He lifted the squid into the air with his superpowers and pushed it through the water.


“Hold on to me tight Forna and Peekay, you're in for a fast ride!” Auby shouted to his friends and they held on for dear life as Auby swam through the city and towards the prison at high speed. 


With speed and power, Auby burst through the prison doors and set all of the sea creatures free then he power span so much that the city of the deep’s guards and soldiers couldn’t see anything in the water around them.


When Auby swam out of the city to the surface of the ocean with his friends still attached to him they were so dizzy after all the spinning.


“I can’t see, I can’t see!” Peekay cried.


Forna tapped Peekay with her fin to make his eyes line up again.


All the sea creatures swam away from the city of the deep. Auby’s daddy swam next to Auby’s mummy making sure that she wasn’t hurt. 


The orange coral reef soldiers swam in formation taking turns to look back to see if they were being followed and they weren’t.


The creatures of the city of the deep were overwhelmed by what had happened. King Fang Tooth had never seen such an impressive turtle, he was intrigued with Auby and was plotting revenge again. 

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