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Chapter 6 - Friends for life

The brave orange coral reef army, Auby's daddy, mummy, Auby, Forna and Peekay got a hero's welcome when they returned to the busy city. The happy sea creatures cheered with joy and clapped Auby as he swam through the crowds in the coral reef.


When Auby and his friends reached the open waters at the back of the city, they knew that Auby’s daddy wasn’t happy with his son, and he wanted to talk to Auby on his own. 


“Auby, come with me!” His daddy said in an angry voice. 


Forna and Peekay watched their best friend swim off with his daddy deeper into the darker waters. They swam for a while then Auby’s daddy turned to look at his son. Auby knew he would be told off and, he lowered his head in disappointment. 


“What were you thinking Auby? You might have been killed!” His daddy was not happy with him, and Auby felt really sad.


“Sorry daddy, I won’t do it again." Auby promised but we all know that wasn't true because this was just the beginning of Auby’s adventures. 


After telling Auby off, his daddy changed his face from angry to happy and he looked at Auby with great pride. After all, Auby was still a baby turtle and had so much to learn about life. He couldn’t be angry with his son for a moment longer. 


“Now, come here and give your daddy a big hug. I’m proud of you and grateful for you saving us all.” His daddy tucked Auby under his large flipper to comfort him, and Auby felt safe. Auby’s mummy snuggled in as well and they were a family.


Auby was starting to understand why he was different and how he could help the creatures of the ocean. He was blue for a good reason.


That night, there was a party in the city to celebrate the rescue mission. Auby, Forna and Peekay received a medal for their bravery, and the mayor of the city said some kind words to Auby and all the other creatures that lived in their charming, happy, underwater world. 


“Welcome one and all to our victory celebrations." The mayor said.


"Auby, your grandad and great-grandad will be so proud of you. We feel lucky to have another blue turtle here to help look after the city. Three cheers for Auby and his friends, Forna and Peekay and for all of you coming together to protect what we have and who we love.” The crowd cheered, and the party went on for hours and hours. 


The following day, Auby, Forna and Peekay went to see a small coral house which was for sale. The three friends wanted to buy it so they could live together. They knew that one day Auby would be too big to live in the house, but for now, they just wanted somewhere they could have fun together.  


In the afternoon, Peekay agreed to go and see the local clownfish doctor. Everyone was concerned about how pink Peekay had become and the damage that the sun had done to his body and brain. The doctor did some tests and gave Peekay the results whilst Auby and Forna sat with him. They were worried about their dear friend. 


“The tests are back from the laboratory Peekay, and we suggest you wear sun protection cream even under water. We will fix your eye and leg problems, and by next week you will be as good as new.” The doctor told Peekay. 


Auby and Forna were so relieved that their best friend was going to be ok. But their celebrations were interrupted when they got home because suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Forna opened it, she couldn’t believe her eyes, it was her mummy who had swum for a whole day looking for her daughter.


“Forna, I’ve found you. I need your help.” Her mummy told her.

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