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Chapter 2 - Life in the big blue ocean

The ocean was full of sea life, there were amazing colours, different shapes and noises.


Auby’s mummy had told him about the bright sunfish, the white-sided dolphins, the smart sea lions and the big whales. 


She warned him of the poisonous puffer fish, the scary white sharks and the nasty manta rays. 


Auby’s mummy taught him about how the seaweed and coral reefs provide food and shelter. She described the pretty seahorses and funny clownfish. 


The only thing that Auby didn’t understand was why he was blue and his brothers and sisters were green.


Auby’s favourite stories that his mummy told him were about his family. 


He knew his daddy was a large, strong turtle that hunted for food, and Auby’s grandad once ruled the orange coral reef city. His nanna would look after all the baby sealife and Auby’s daddy would bring back food for the little ones that couldn’t swim out of the city. 


“Your daddy is a clever and strong turtle, and you will be like that one day too Auby.” His mummy would tell him.


Auby, Forna and Peekay stopped swimming to forage for food.


“Don’t eat the black seaweed, it will make you sick.” Forna told Auby.

“You will be popping bubbles out of your bottom for a week if you eat black seaweed.” Peekay told Auby and they laughed. 


Whilst they were eating, Peekay explained to Auby that when he was born, he was much bigger than all his family, and they would call him odd-bod.


His family were right, Peekay had eyes that looked in different directions and wonky antennae. Six of his ten legs were different sizes, and the other four didn’t do anything, they just hung there.


“I think you look like an awesome prawn and your family would be jealous of your new colour Peekay.” Forna told him. 


Forna told Auby about her life, she explained that she and her family had been caught in a fishing net. Forna and most of her family managed to escape the net, and that was when she met Peekay. 


Forna had fallen on top of Peekay and crushed his antennae. After saying sorry and straightening up Peekay’s eyes, her family had already swam off without her.


Forna had cried out to them but it was too late, they had gone without her.


“We’ve been best friends ever since.” Peekay told Auby.


“We have Peekay and I would be lost without you.” Forna blew him a kiss with her little fin and she giggled.


“It’s time for us to take you to the orange coral reef city so you can meet more new friends and learn about the ocean.” Forna told Auby and the three of them swam off together talking, laughing and Peekay singing. 


Auby was beginning to love ocean life with his new friends.

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