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What should I write about in my blog articles?

This micro article looks at the 5 Ws of blogging for your business - Who, What, When, Where and Why?

Blogging for your business builds your business brand awareness. It also helps search engines and potential customers find you.

Let's look at the 5 Ws.

1. WHO? Who creates the blog articles for your business website?

You or someone you know can, it will involve research time and good writing skills. Another option is to use a Copy Writer or Content Writer like me. Find out more.

2. WHAT? What content do you create for your blog page?

You create content that is relevant to your industry and is valuable to your readers. For example - written articles, images, videos, promotions, stories, news updates, trends or competitions. Vlogging for your business is great too. It's important to look at your website and social media analytics to see what your readers like and keep creating that content.

Read what Google suggest on their blog. I can explain in more detail if you would like and you can drop me an email at

3. WHEN? When should you publish blog articles?

Regularity is key, because search engines such as Google love fresh content on a website and publishing blog articles is a great way to get their attention. How regular? It depends on your budget, time, industry and other factors. Just ask if you want to know more, you can call me on 07800887857.

4. WHERE? Where can you put your blog articles?

You can publish blog articles on your website and the articles become shareable assets. You can share them on your social media channels, in emails, newsletters or other channels. You can use your analytics to see what content is of interest to your readers and followers and keep producing content like that. Find out more about a content strategy.

5. WHY?

Why have a blog page on your website and publish blog articles? You build your brand awareness, to educate customers and to create sales opportunities. You can create relevant, valuable content that search engines will find, give a value score and place in search listings.

HOW do you publish a blog article?

You can send your blog content to your website developer so they can put it on your blog page or you can add it yourself. What I do for my customers is to create the content and put it on their website for them, saving them time and money.

Having a blog page on your website is excellent for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you need to build your brand awareness, you should have a blog page on your business website.

I'm never lost for words and hopefully, you will find value in these relevant articles too:

Contact me today if you are interested in blogging for your business. I can explain the value and help you with a content strategy.

Email or call 07800887857.


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