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Need a blogger for your website? I can help.

Blogging creates a promotable SEO and social media asset – every post is a potential destination for a link and an entry point through search engines.


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Blogging is a way of creating and publishing valuable content for your business. It is easy to manage and offers some key advantages:

• The behaviours of content creation, sharing and engagement are incredibly rich signals that search engines can use to improve search results quality and search user experience

• It creates shareable, linkable content that addresses specific topics and customer interests

• Your blog articles can reveal expertise and thought leadership, they can educate and inspire - not just your customers but you as well!

• Blogging serves as a channel for content marketing and promotion


Sharing quality content through your blog attracts new business. 


Using a copywriter/content writer to create your blog articles has its advantages, most importantly they offer ‘fresh eyes’ on your industry and will think like a customer.

Through blogging your content you can reach:

• Prospects

• Existing customers

• Potential employees

• Marketing partners, investors

• The media

• Journalists and other bloggers


How do you do that?


By making your content shareable. You can share it on your social media platforms, in newsletters, emails even in your personal email footer.

Why aren’t you blogging?

• Don’t understand the value of blogging?

• Don’t have the time to write blog posts?

• Don’t know what to write about?

• Don’t understand where blogging can be integrated with achieving multiple business goals?


How do you get your blog article on your website?

You can speak to your website developer and ask them to create a blog page on your website if they haven't already done so. You can request they insert a blog post, you could do it yourself or ask me to do it for you each time. 

There’s always something you can write about, whatever the industry. I can help you with that.

All you need to do is give me a title for a blog article or a brief.


Email me for more information: or call 07800887857.

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