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The power of blogging

Once upon a worrying time...

A kind and creative designer did something very special that bought a smile to children's faces all over the country. It was the result of a blog article with a simple but valuable message.

The power of blogging on a website is underestimated and businesses all over the world can learn from the story that I will tell.

Keep reading and all will be revealed.

A blog page on a website can give a business an ideal platform to share relevant, valuable and insightful information.

In this current Coronavirus climate, businesses everywhere are facing challenges and some are struggling to keep their heads above water. Their voices are getting lost on social media platforms because it's so noisy out there with people trying to keep their brand top of mind.

Question... what can up your odds for business survival at the moment? Answer... helping people.

Helping your staff and helping your customers. Question... how can you keep your brand at the forefront of people's mind right now? Answer... by sharing relevant, quality, valuable and helpful information through your website or on your blog page - linking that information through your social media posts.

Aiming to get 'likes', preferably 'reactions' and hopefully a 'share' for that social media post. Question... who will see your fresh content on your website and blog page? Answer... hopefully your followers and potential customers but definitely search engines (eventually). Search engines love regular, valuable, quality and relevant content on a website. When a change is detected on a website or blog, the search engines send crawlers out to look at what has been changed or added. Those search engines then give a website or blog a value score.

Points make prizes - if you score well, your website ranks well.

Find out more about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).


Globally, we are experiencing one of the biggest, disruptive and destructive challenges ever. We will suffer but we must learn from it and cherish things - our family, our friends, our health and nature. I was asked what I missed the most during this lock down period, of course I gave a massive list including shopping in Marks & Spencer but top of the list was hugging my family and friends. I can't wait for that - I miss it.


And now for the story about the kind designer...

I was surfing Facebook and saw a post that caught my eye, it was charming and heartwarming. Something that would brighten up anyone's day.

When the government announced that there were school closures and a lock down, parents all over the country were going to have to make major adjustments to their home and work life.

As a parent herself, creative designer Bekki Tomkins decided that she wanted to do something to help parents and children in her village. Something creative for children to enjoy and help them appreciate where they live.

A simple thing with a lot of value.

Bekki and Mark Tomkins are directors of the web and design agency Aubergine 262 Ltd based in Leighton Buzzard.

Mark is a member of the village parish council in Eaton Bray where they live and both of them care about the community. Bekki came up with the charming idea of designing a colouring page for children in the village to complete and stick in the windows of their home.

To spread the word Mark wrote a short blog article on his website's blog page with a link to the printable colouring page and shared it on social media. The response in the village was overwhelming and the colouring pages bought a smile to children's faces as they proudly put their creations up in their home.

Delightfully, it didn't stop there...

Bekki started to get requests from people who lived in other villages in the UK, in fact, from places as far south as Devon and as far north as Orkney! It didn't stop there, most recently they've had requests from places in Australia, USA and the Ukraine.

A simple act of kindness and a blog article has helped parents and children far and wide at this worrying time.

A local online newspaper, the Leighton Buzzard Observer got word of the colouring pages and wrote an article about Bekki and her lovely idea. Read the full article here.

You can visit Mark and Bekki's website to print off a colouring page and if your village or town isn't on the list, just make a request! Find out more information here.

Here's my point... Can you imagine how many hits Mark and Bekki must of had on their website all because they were helping people?

The lesson to be learnt here is through a business blog page you can help people and enhance their lives. You can create a shareable asset for your business and boost your SEO.

Blog pages on a website...

A lot of businesses have a blog page on their website. Not sure exactly what a blog page is?

It's like a supplement in a magazine, it adds value to a website much like a supplement does to a newspaper.

If you have a website, you should have a blog page for many reasons, it offers some key advantages:

• It's a platform for content creation sending incredibly rich signals that search engines can use to improve search results

• It creates shareable, linkable content that addresses specific topics and customer interests

• A blog article can reveal expertise and thought leadership, it can educate and inspire - not just your customers but you as well!

• Blogging serves as a channel for content marketing and promotion. It should be included in your marketing strategy

Through blogging your content you can reach:

• Prospects

• Existing customers

• Potential employees

• Marketing partners, investors

• The media

• Journalists and other bloggers

How do you do that?

By making your content shareable. You can share it on your social media platforms, in newsletters, email campaigns and even in your email footer.

Why aren’t you blogging?

• You didn't understand the value of blogging? Hopefully you do now

• You don't have the time to write blog posts? Ask a member of staff or I can help

• You don't know what to write about? For starters, look to see what your competition are writing about. Look at trends and hot topics and share your knowledge

• You don’t understand where blogging can be integrated with achieving multiple business goals? Hopefully you have a better understanding now

There’s always something you can write about, whatever the industry.

Do you have a blog page on your website?

Take a moment to think... what could you write about that can help people right now?

Writing blog articles yourself about industry-related topics can also help you. It makes you take the time to research and learn more.

That's what I love about my job, I get to work with businesses from all industries and I'm learning new things all the time.

Contact me today if you need content writing for your blog page. or call 078008878


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