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Search engine optimization and blogging

How do you get your business to stand out in a crowd?

The internet is bursting with information and businesses are fighting to get attention from potential customers. Apart from paid ad campaigns, how can you get your business on your customer's radar? How can you boost your rankings on search engines such as Google without spending a small fortune?

By doing things that get you noticed!

Blogging is an excellent way to do that.

Blogging for your business creates a search engine optimization (SEO) and social media asset. Every post that is published on the blog page of your website is another route for someone to find you, your business and your offerings.

Don't forget to use relevant keywords and phrases in your blog articles to help with search.

By putting quality, relevant and valuable content in a blog article on your website regularly you will get more attention. You will show up more in the search result listings when people search for your type of business, services or products so long as you use keywords and phrases in your content.

Apart from blogging being an SEO asset what use is it to you and your business?

Blogging is a way of creating and publishing relevant content for your business. It is easy to manage and offers some key advantages:

• The behaviours of content creation, sharing and engagement are incredibly rich signals that search engines can use to improve search results quality and search user experience

• It creates shareable, linkable content that addresses specific topics and customer interests

• Your blog articles can reveal expertise and thought leadership, they can educate and inspire - not just your customers but you as well!

• Blogging serves as a channel for content marketing and promotion

Make yourself attractive to customers.

Sharing quality content through your blog articles attracts new business, you don’t have to do the hard work creating written content and it doesn’t need to be expensive. Using a content writer or copywriter has advantages, most importantly they offer ‘fresh eyes’ on your industry and will think like a customer when they write for you. I can create blog articles for you, please contact me and we can talk about things in more detail.

07800887857 or email

Through publishing blog articles you can reach:

• Prospects

• Existing customers

• Potential employees

• Marketing partners, investors

• The media

• Journalists and other bloggers

You can share your blog articles on your social media platforms, in newsletters, email campaigns and your email footer.

There's always something to write about.

There’s always something you can write about, whatever the industry and I can help you with content strategies, ideas and schedules.

There's only one thing left to say....

Get blogging!


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