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Start 2023 with fresh content on your business website

When was the last time you looked at your business website?

Is it up to date, have your products or services changed, and when was the last time you added fresh content? recommends that you make changes to your business website 1-3 times a week for search engine optimisation (SEO) purposes to increase traffic to your website.

Note: They don't have to be big changes.

Use the Christmas break to spruce up your website getting it ready for 2023.

The last few weeks of December 2022 will be a great time to review your website and prepare it for the New Year. Or, even earlier if you need a website developer to do the changes. You should aim to make your website pages even more attractive to search engines. This process should be part of your business SEO campaign and your overall marketing plan.

What happens when you make a change to your website?

Every time you make changes to your website, search engines send out their crawlers to index your website pages and they will look at your website favourably if they find new, helpful, relevant valuable information. If they see quality content, the search engines will rate your business higher in search when someone wants more information about your type of services or products.

Getting traffic to your website is the best way to build brand awareness.

Why are changes to your website relevant for social media platforms?

Any changes to your website can be published on your social media platforms. Whether it is new information on a web page, the publication of a blog article or a special offer for example.

Note: Fresh content is a great social media asset.

Fresh content.

Fresh content is new information on your website. Copying other people’s content is a no, no. Your page listings can get dropped and delisted from search engines if you copy other people's content exactly. Cover relevant topics and write about them in your way and use references if you source information from another website.

Publishing blog articles on a website offers a business the opportunity to have more control over its brand's information. Blog articles can be used to promote, educate and give people a reason to keep returning to your website. The articles can include industry-related stories, more information about a product or service, infographics, videos, statistics, testimonials, recommendations, how-tos, recognition of awards and show a human side to a business to help a customer connect.


  • Content marketing should be part of your overall marketing plan

  • Publish good quality easy to read content on your website

  • Keep it relevant and answer potential questions within the content to help your visitor make a buying decision

  • Create content that you can share on your social media platforms

  • Be aware of copyright on videos and images

  • Incorporate keywords and phrases

  • Don’t copy other people's content. Plagiarism is illegal

  • Recycle popular content

  • Use website analytics to find out what content is popular

  • Link to other pages on your website within your content

  • Create a content strategy and schedule

  • Create a social media schedule

  • Show a human side to your business

  • Employ a content creator if need be

  • Ask your employees for content ideas

  • Don’t publish content for the sake of it

  • Give a visitor a reason to return to your website

  • Look at what competitors are writing about

  • Ask other businesses to link to your website

  • Incorporate references for sources of information

  • Use spell check

  • Ask people what they want or their opinions and ideas

  • Respond wisely to any comments about your content on social media

  • Try new and unique ideas

  • Review your website pages or articles and make relevant changes

  • Check the links on your website

  • Repost content on social media platforms because people might miss it the first time around

  • Accept we all make mistakes sometimes and correct them

If you are not confident in writing, use a freelance copywriter. I can spend time with you to suggest content ideas and work alongside you to produce effective content. I can help you create a content strategy and schedule and make suggestions for how you can share your content on your social media platforms.

Note: Don’t let your website go stagnant. Make it easy for search engines and potential customers to find you online.

Contact me for more information about my services.

Email or call 07800887857.



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