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Is your business website dead to Google?

Is your business website dead to Google? Or to any other search engine come to that?

Websites that don’t publish ‘fresh content’ regularly can appear outdated or abandoned by search engines such as Google. That’s not good for business.

By ‘fresh content’, we mean new pages, articles or blog posts. Not small edits, such as date changes or images.

Google highlight how essential fresh content is. John Mueller coordinates search relations efforts at Google. He and his team connect the Google internal world of search and engineering. He explains, “Fresh content is a bit more than just updating dates. Changing dates is not a good mechanism for making content fresh.”

Search engines reward websites that consistently publish fresh, high-quality, valuable and relevant information. Combining publishing fresh content and optimizing SEO with search engines such as Google will help improve your rankings on search online.

When it comes to your business website, you need to give search engines a reason to visit and rank your website time and time again.

The content doesn’t have to always be written. It can be videos, audio or images. 

Stay fresh and invest in ongoing content creation.

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