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Is blogging still valuable to your business in 2024?

Having a blog page for your business should be an integral part of your marketing and content strategy. 

Like a supplement in a newspaper, a blog page on a business website gives added value to a website visitor, helps to build brand awareness and is great for SEO and social media purposes. The page is a section on a website where businesses can publish their content to show thought leadership and expertise. 

What happens when you publish a blog article on your website?

Search engines such as Google reward websites that publish fresh content. When you publish a blog article on your website, search engines send their crawlers to index the new content. If you don’t keep reminding search engines that your business website is still there they will regard your website as not active.

Search engines prioritise active websites with quality, fresh content.

Create good quality, valuable content for your blog articles on your business website and you will be rewarded. 

Is blogging still valuable to your business in 2024? The simple answer is yes! 

How do you know if publishing blog articles on your business website is worth the effort?

A blog page is a powerful tool for your business. It helps to reach new customers and is a channel for customer service. A blog article published on a business blog page is an excellent social media asset. It's good for lead generation and inbound links. It’s a way to drive organic traffic to your website, an ideal link to insert into an email campaign and useful for ad campaigns. 

Reviewing your business website analytics and social media platform analytics, plus overall lead generation and sales figures, will indicate if blogging for your business is working for you and worth the effort. 

Find out if blogging for your business is successful by answering the questions below…

  • Has your website traffic increased since publishing articles on your blog page?

  • Have there been lots of clicks on the link to your blog page or article?

  • Have people found your website through an article you have published?

  • Has your social media platforms gained more attention since sharing a link to a blog article you have published on your website?

  • Are visitors staying on your website longer because they are clicking on your articles on your blog page?

  • Are you ranking higher in search engines?

  • Are offers published in your blog articles increasing your sales?

  • Has writing for your business or reading content written for your business enhanced your knowledge?

  • Has asking your staff to contribute content to your blog page motivated them?

  • Has sharing a human story with your business such as winning awards or an in-house activity enthused people?

If you can answer yes to one or more of the above questions then blogging for your business is worth the effort.

Google rolled out a freshness update to its algorithms, so get blogging to optimize opportunities for your business. 

Find out more.

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The history of blogging

Blogging became a thing back in 1994. In 2002 blogging became more popular, and blog ads allowed bloggers to monetize their blog pages. Since then the blogosphere has evolved and become an excellent opportunity for a business to share information online to help promote their brand and grow their business. Find out more.

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