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Business writing - make it crystal clear

We like to think that we hit our target market and beyond when writing for business. Google Analytics may one day reveal website traffic from alien life, who knows, something from another galaxy could be reading your latest blog post.

No matter the reader, the reading matter for business needs to be crystal clear so anyone or being can understand it:).

Business writing is professional written communication to engage readers online and offline. It can be formal or informal and is normally written by people who understand the fundamentals of writing. However, a less structured and more relaxed approach to content writing may work best for a particular industry and target market. Equally, a more precise and technical piece of written content may be essential for another. Either way, the business message should be crystal clear because people scan read a lot of the time - we are all guilty of it.

Try to make your business writing memorable.

Research has revealed that people, on average, remember 10% of what they read.

When writing for your business you need to get key points written down in a clear uncomplicated manner if you want your writing to be effective. We live in such a fast-paced world with challenges and more people juggling home and work life.

Wouldn't it be great if we all had the time and ability to absorb information quickly like sponges and remember it! Studies have shown that the brain is equally stimulated by reading and listening, also there is further research into paper vs digital reading and memory.

They make for an interesting read so take a look.

How much should you write for your business?

Business writing can vary, an industry or topic could need detailed content or just a few pages on a website and some printed flyers. Here are some guidelines for different forms of business communication.

Click on each example to find out how to produce them effectively.

The approach to business writing has changed in the last decade, writers have adapted to reader's needs and word counts have been cut dramatically.

I'm hoping my message is clear, keep your writing in whatever form full of key points and help people with your words. You can add a little bit of creativity, I mean, do you believe there are aliens out there?

For all your business writing needs contact me for more information about my services.

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