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I am a Content Writer and a Copywriter.


A writer is a writer, right?


You often see job vacancies for Copywriters or Content Writers and people ask me what the difference

is between the two. They perceive both roles to be the same so they don’t understand why they have

to be called different things, a writer is a writer, right? Yes, but a writer can be categorised or be both

a Content and Copywriter.


A Copywriter is normally a qualified, professional writer who writes for businesses.

The writing could be in the form of a technical article, whitepaper, email campaign, press release

or website content. It could be sales or newsletters, direct mail or online and offline ads.

They may write books, blog articles, product descriptions, slogans, scripts, social media posts or

magazine articles. It’s normally a formal piece of writing.


A Content Writer is generally someone who is a professional writer or someone who likes to write.

They can do what a Copy Writer does and create content to inform, educate or entertain in an easy 

to read style that people can relate to. A blog or magazine article, website content, e-books, podcasts,

stories or social media posts. A Content Writer tends to write in a less formal style.

I write for any industry about anything.

Contact me today if you require my written services.



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