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Chapter 2 - The orange coral reef

The orange coral reef was where all the small friendly sea creatures lived in that part of the ocean. Jellyfish, crabs and lobsters guarded the entrance to the orange coral city. 


“Wow!” Auby was amazed as he swam into the city. It was full of life and all the sea creatures seemed so happy. They were talking and laughing at each other, the city was very impressive.


The colours in the city were magnificent. Fish swam around them and sea horses stopped to ask them how their day was going.


“It’s magical here isn’t it Auby.” Forna said and Auby agreed as he looked around taking it all in.


“It’s awesome!” Peekay shouted and he swam off to a group of prawns who were eating brown seaweed and talking to a crab. Peekay was the only pink prawn there, the only silly prawn in the ocean as Forna would say. 


When Forna and Auby swam towards the darker part of the city, Auby could see a large creature swimming towards him and as it got closer he could see that it was another turtle. The large turtle stopped and looked Auby straight in the eyes.


“Boy, let me see your flippers.” The turtle said and Auby felt scared, apart from his mummy, he had never seen such a big turtle before.


After looking at Auby’s flippers, much to Auby’s surprise, the turtle pulled Auby in towards him.


“Welcome to the orange coral city son.” The turtle said. Auby looked at him curiously. 


“Are you my daddy?” Auby asked the turtle.


“I am, you have my markings on your flippers.” His daddy told him.


Forna knew Auby was safe so she swam off to see her friends. Auby tucked himself under his daddy’s large front flipper and they swam together for a while whilst his daddy told him about the city. 


His daddy told Auby that he and his mummy loved each other very much. He explained that every three years his mummy would nest on the beach and she would have one hundred babies. Auby had so many brothers and sisters, at least a few thousand his daddy told him. When Auby’s mummy wasn’t having babies, she would live in the deeper waters of the orange coral city with Auby’s daddy. Auby’s daddy missed her when she had to stay on the beach and protect all her eggs. He would go and visit her to check she and their babies were safe.


Auby was so happy, he now had two new best friends and his daddy. He really hoped that his daddy could tell him why he was different from his brothers and sisters. Why was he blue and not green? 

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