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Blogging in 2022 - is it still effective?

Is blogging for your business still effective?

Demand metric reports that 90% of businesses still use content marketing. Blogging is a primary source of that.

How? It drives more traffic to your website, builds brand awareness and helps with SEO.

Good written content is the foundation of essential business copywriting...

Blogging is worth the effort for almost any business in any industry. No matter the size of a business, blog articles can help a business connect with potential customers and give readers added value. A blog article on a business website can give informative content that builds trust and give a person a reason to revisit the website.

Websites with regular valuable content are important to engage with customers. Through blog articles, a business can have more control over brand information. Readers can learn more about a brand, and, they can get closer to the brand. The process can build confidence in a brand.

Blogs on a business website are a valuable asset and are a very effective way to build brand awareness and trust.

What is the Helpful Content Update from Google?

Google's Helpful Content Update is probably the biggest change to the algorithm since the Panda update in 2011, and it targets the same issue - black hat SEO.

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