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  • Rachel Roussell

Why should you have your website content reviewed?

Your smile is your logo.

Your personality is your business card.

How you make people feel is your trademark.

Your website is an ambassador for your brand, it’s there 24/7 - representing you and what you do or offer and it plays a very significant role in your business.

In this article we answer the question 'Why should you have your website reviewed?' and so much more...

Questions: When was the last time you checked your website?

  • How quickly did it load on mobile and other devices? Make your website fast on all of them - take the test

  • How easy is it to navigate around your website?

  • Do all the links work?

  • Are your offerings up to date?

  • Do your images need changing?

  • Have you got any new videos that you should put on your website?

  • Is the message clear on your website about your business and services?

  • Do you have social media platform links on your website and are they working?

  • Is your website GDPR friendly with an up to date Privacy Policy?

  • Does your website have an SSL certificate?

  • Have you told Google about changes on your website? Go to Google Console and request indexing

With the knowledge that your website is most probably one of the first things that a customer looks at when they want to make a purchase whether that be for a service or product, your website content should be spot on. You can’t rely on your website developer to be checking the efficiency and effectiveness of your website unless you are paying for that service.

**Some questions are repeated in different lists.**

Questions: When the new data regulations (GDPR) came into force on May 25th 2018 did you check that your website was compliant?

  • Do you store personal data of your customers on your website? Do customers fill in contact forms or leave reviews with their email address or any other personal data

  • How is that data stored?

  • Looking further into that, the links from your website to your social media platforms are just as important - do you have personal data/details about people or customers on those social media platforms?

  • How are you protecting that data?

  • Do you explain how you store people’s data in your Privacy Policy on your website?

With the knowledge that performance and analytics for a website is a clear indication of what is appealing to your visitors, or, what is working for your business - it’s really important to utilise that information. Understanding where your visitors mostly go to on your website is key and using Google Analytics is an excellent way to understand the flow of your visitors.

Questions: When was the last time you looked at your website analytics?

  • What pages are people visiting the most? There are the obvious ones, the ‘home’ page, the ‘about’ page and ‘contact page’ but are they also visiting specific blog articles - what are your visitors really interested in?

  • What are the demographics of your visitors, who is your audience and what are they looking for? Target, find and help...

  • Where aren’t people going on your website? Are you spending time working on that page? If so, it might be worth putting your time elsewhere

Doing a review of the content of your website is vital. Websites get out of date, stagnant, the design elements don’t work efficiently or productively and it’s so easy to just leave things ‘ticking over’. The argument could be if it’s working, why change it and that’s a good rule to live by but if things aren’t going so well for your business or you want to achieve more it could be time for some changes.

Here are some more reasons that it might be time for some changes on your website:

  • Is your website mobile friendly?

  • Are you rebranding?

  • Do you want to add a blog or news page to help with SEO and give your visitors added value and a reason to return to your website?

  • SEO - does your website contain keywords and phrases that your customers would type in on the search engines? Are there any new keywords that you should be using?

  • SEO - does your website have fresh content on it on a regular basis?

  • SEO - is the quality, positioning and length of text on your web pages ideal?

  • SEO - are you using images, graphics and videos?

  • Does your website have content that answers your customer's questions?

  • Is it easy for visitors to navigate around your website?

  • Has your stock changed or trends moved in another direction?

  • What are your competitors doing on their websites, should you be doing it too?

  • Are you giving your visitors a good reason to buy your products or services, do you have a USP? Has that changed?

Whether it be for your website, blog site or social media platforms it is recommended that you have a content strategy.

**Tip** Your content that you put on your website, blog or social media platforms doesn't always need to be new. You can use old articles with different titles especially if that article has been really popular in the past. It's a bit like when you see movies on Apple TV or Netflix for example - quite often the film image (as if it were a DVD cover) is changed but it's the same film.

**Tip** Think like your customer, keep your content fresh, stay up to date and keep an eye on algorithm changes. Make sure you request Google to index your website every time you make changes.

Why should you have your website content reviewed?

Because you want the best for your business and for it to work in the most efficient and effective way. Through keeping your website up to date, compliant and with fresh content you help getting your business more visible online. You need to take advantage of the opportunities that being online can offer you and your business so stay on top of things and don't presume your web developer is doing that for you.

Some people do.

If you need a website review or new content for your website such as blog articles contact me today. Call 07800887857 or email

**Don’t have a blog page on your website? It’s easy to sort out, I can help you.**

Come back and see me some time, there will be new articles for you to read, for example:

  • What is good quality content for your website?

  • What content should be on your different website pages?

  • What blog articles should you write?

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