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I offer business writing services for all industries.

Business writing

Business writing is a formal type of writing used for anything. Simple language, persuasive or transactional writing.

Freelancer Working from Home
  • Website written content

  • Blog articles

  • Magazine articles

  • White papers

  • Email campaigns

  • Product descriptions

  • Proposals

  • Press releases

  • Instructional documents

  • Marketing content

Business writing tips

  • Have a purpose to write

  • Avoid jargon

  • Be direct

  • Remember people scan read

  • Do your research

  • Use reliable sources of information

  • Be aware of plagiarism and copyright

  • Help people

  • Be insightful

  • Show your expertise

  • Educate people

  • Make things easy to understand

  • Stay relevant

  • Ask for opinions

  • Accept we all make mistakes

  • Learn from others

  • Use analytics to gain insights

  • Recycle good content

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