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Do you need blog articles for your website?


A blog can stand on its own or be a page on a website where you publish blog articles. A blog gives added value to a website, it is a great social media asset and SEO relevant. Blogging builds brand awareness, an opportunity to share relevant and insightful information. You can reveal your expertise and help a person make a buying decision by publishing informative blog articles. Have you heard of vlogging? It's the same concept but in video format. Blogging is an excellent social media asset.

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Blog article ideas.

  • Niche topics

  • Hot topics

  • A how-to guide

  • A step-by-step guide

  • Industry news

  • Personal reflection

  • Service or product information

  • Advice or opinions

  • Special offers

  • Promotions

  • Testimonials

  • Competitions

  • Awards

  • Stories

  • Accomplishments

  • History

  • Predictions

How to create a blog article.

A blog article is an easy-to-read informal piece of writing. It should be clear and compelling with relevant titles, subtitles and hook lines. It should show the human side of a business, educate the reader, reveal expertise and build credibility.

How to:

  • Choose your topic

  • Look at what other people are writing about

  • Research your topic

  • Decide on word count, depending on the topic, anything from 500 to 2000 words

  • Be aware of plagiarism and copyright

  • Use images that you own or purchase

  • Quote the source of important information like statistics or recommendations

  • Consider SEO when choosing titles, subtitles, keywords and phrases

  • Choose a tone and style of writing

  • Spell check

  • Use contributors if relevant

  • Brainstorm with a team to discuss topics if helpful

  • Ask someone to check your article and get feedback if you aren't a confident writer

  • Use a copywriter if preferred

  • Think of a beginning, middle and end

  • Recycle old content

  • If the articles are for marketing purposes, end with a call-to-action, give the reader answers to potential questions

  • Insert links to other articles or areas on your website

  • Use hook lines, engaging sentences and persuasive writing

  • Be creative and different if the topic lends itself to that

  • If you don't want to write a blog article but still want to publish on your blog page, try vlogging. People enjoy watching short informative videos

  • Review your article when published. Update statistics, links, costs, descriptions or any changes that should be shared

  • Use your blog articles or vlogs as a social media asset

  • Use your website analytics to find out what content you are publishing is popular. Find out what isn't popular and don't waste anymore time on those topics

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