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She's never short of words...

Rachel has been a content writer and creative thinker since she could hold her first crayon. With years of experience in teaching, marketing and running her own businesses Rachel is able to write about the simplest or most complex of topics.

Having worked in the B2B and B2C sector, she has a good understanding of different industries and how businesses work. Rachel can write technical, factual or creative articles - any genres and tone. She produces quality and valuable written content and she's never short of words.


Rachel is a qualified writer and marketer, she also has an A'Level in dance which hasn't proved that helpful in her choice of career:)

Put Rachel amongst some hills where there are pubs and cake shops and she will be as happy as Larry. 

Any questions? Give Rachel a call today: 07800887857. Or you can email rachel.roussell@gmail.com

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