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My thoughts exactly!

This is a new page where I will air some of my thoughts. It's for people that know or don't know me. It's a way of you getting to know me if you want to and if you have any questions or an opinion you wish to share with me then you can email me at

Excuse any errors, this is a dump write:)

September 2020

The Coronavirus - Let's not think about the politics and failings right now, let's all just stop and think. To stop COVID-19 spreading we must adapt accordingly which involves distancing ourselves from situations that may spread the virus.

It includes good hygiene, wearing a mask when appropriate and respecting each other's right to live.

It's common sense that if you stand in a crowd or be involved in a march where people aren't wearing masks the virus will spread. We should all be sensible, knuckle down and we will overcome the pandemic. Stupid people are delaying our recovery if you know stupid people - stay away from them! We should be grateful that we still have some freedom.

For those that can't do what they are told, shame on you. 

Cancer is not contagious, this virus is and we don't fully understand it. So, for those who keep comparing death rate stats, think about that. I could go on and on but I won't, I will just finish by saying that the Coronavirus is not just a respitory condition, the virus gets into your blood stream and damages other organs in the body. 

Why do my kids have to leave home?I know it's bad and selfish me thinking this way but I really don't understand why my kids are leaving home (I'm laughing). They are so ungrateful, I've been a fantastic mum and they never go without (I can get testimonials). I know they are 26 and 24 so they need to be independent but I had hoped they would stay with me forever. I won't hold it against them but they will get less Christmas gifts this year because of it! :)))))))

Everyone should see a life coach at some point in their life. About 8 years ago I was going through a transitional period from mum to primary school teacher to business woman and I needed guidance. I didn't need a therapist, I needed someone to understand me and help me make the jump with confidence. There is so much that I could share with you but today I will teach you the 'chair technique', it's simple. If you find yourself facing a challenge with people, in your head sit them around an imaginary table. Put the problem in the middle of the table and sit in each person's chair looking at the problem from their point of view it will give you the big picture and help you understand what you are dealing with. 

Clear your mind and be more productive. Einstein said that he never tried to remember things because it took up too much space in his head so he wrote everything down and you should follow in his footsteps.

Gerrard Butler should not be single! What is going on? This gorgeous man is single again after an on/off relationship. He just can't seem to settle. I think half the problem is that he is in love with what he does, he's married to his job and he's good at it. My partner Erol had the opportunity to work with him on 'Angel has Fallen' and Erol said Gerrard literally is the perfect male specimen. I wish I was there so I could verify that (Erol knows I feel that way and he's ok with it - I'm laughing).

The Zorba - this month I mastered the art of performing the traditional Greek dance 'The Zorba'. It's a long and hillarious story.

A gardening drama - my lawnmower blew up, I won't expand on that. 

Sugar addiction and I hate Marks & Spencers - so M&S has decided to bring out jars of Percy Pigs! All I can do is stare at them and cry inside.

I will be back soon to tell you my thoughts. Have a great day! (I lived in the USA for a while and it's stuck)

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