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For healthy ageing, stimulate your growth hormone

March 2, 2020



With age comes wisdom but it can also bring a list of health complaints such as Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency which has a major role in unhealthy ageing. 


Why is growth hormone essential for good health?





Growth hormone (GH) is a key player as we age. It repairs damaged tissue in bones, organs and muscles. It maintains insulin, cholesterol levels and helps to burn fat. GH promotes a strong immune system supporting healthy blood vessels and blood pressure.


Where is growth hormone produced in the body?


The pituitary gland is the size of a pea and it’s in the bony hollow just behind the bridge of the nose. It secretes tiny amounts of GH, day and night in small pulses. The production of GH peaks around puberty but declines by age 21. By 60 GH levels can get very low and put you at risk of many ailments including heart disease.


What are the obvious clinical symptoms of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD)?


People experience low energy levels and fatigue, a loss of muscle mass and decreased strength with reduced aerobic capacity. They normally develop an increase of fat deposits around the abdominal area with harmful changes to cholesterol levels. 


What treatment is available for AGHD?


Your doctor can help you develop a treatment plan, this may include daily injections of growth hormone. Some women may need higher doses than men if they are on estrogen replacement therapy (HRT). 

Alternatively, you can promote GH in your body naturally, it’s less intrusive and in the form of an oral agent. A number of studies have shown that supplementation with amino acids (arginine and lysine) naturally stimulates GH release. 


Your body is a temple and as you age it will need some restoration and renovation.


Treatment that restores GH to a more youthful level can reverse the symptoms of unhealthy aging. It can renovate your aging body increasing your ability to exercise, improve vitality and quality of life. There can be a decrease in fat mass, an increase in lean body mass and reduced cholesterol. GH treatment can lower C-reactive protein and increase the number and function of the cells that repair our blood vessel walls. It can increase bone mineral density and reduce carotid-artery intimal media thickness. GH therapy can also protect brain cells and improve cognition and blood vessels that supply the brain with oxygen and nutrients also supply GH. 


Does GH treatment come with risks?


It has been suggested that age-related decline in GH could be a protective mechanism against cancer. Because GH affects cell growth it could promote pre-cancerous cells. However, many studies have shown no increase in cancer risk.


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Research has also been conducted to see the effects GH treatment has insulin resistance and less frequency is suggested. 


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The natural supplement Nitric Pro is an oral agent, it contains both essential amino acids arginine and lysine and comes in powder form. The recommended dose is one sachet a day mixed with juice or water. Find out more...







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