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Not sure what to blog about for your business? Part 1.

Do you want to have a blog page on your business website to help with search engine optimization and add value to your customers but you don’t know what to blog about?

Here are my top tips for creating business blog articles:

  • Publish blog articles that are relevant to your business

  • Answer your customer’s questions within your blog content

  • Use keywords and phrases relevant to your industry

  • Create quality and valuable content that helps people

  • Research and plan your content and create a publishing schedule

  • Develop a writing style, relaxed or formal?

  • Think about the word count, up to 800 words per article is ideal

  • Use analytics to see what content is popular

  • Make your content shareable - promote it on your social media platforms

Your blog page goal should be to create valuable content that promotes your business. It should answer a customer’s questions and help solve their problems. Fresh content on a blog page is an extension of your website giving search engines such as Google a good reason to revisit your website and hopefully push you further up the search engine rankings.

Once you are up and running don’t abandon your blog, stay active and be seen.

The regularity of publishing blog articles for your business depends on the industry and manpower. You could start with two blog articles a month and see what response you have. It’s important to use your website analytics to find out what is working for you and your customers.

Remember that you are writing for the customer not for you.

Do you struggle with ideas for your blog, don’t have the time to write or are worried about the quality of your writing? You can use a freelance copywriter to do the research and content creation instead. I can help.

Come back for Part 2 where we talk about ideas for content.


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