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Improve the performance of your Facebook business page

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You’ve come to the right place to help improve the performance of your Facebook business page.


  • Did you know that Facebook mobile ad sizes have changed?

  • Do you understand your Facebook ad relevance score?

  • Have you tried split testing your ads?

  • Did you know that Facebook has removed the grey badges off a Facebook business page?

  • Why should you use Facebook Pixel?

  • Have you heard about the clear history tool?

  • Are you using collection ads to show off your products?

All will be revealed...

Once just a networking channel now a social media platform, Facebook has survived its challenges - legal, privacy, suicide, self-esteem and mental health issues.

It is a quickly evolving platform with a split personality, one that can help and one that can hinder if not managed properly. Where algorithms keep you on your toes and the ads split testing feature should be part of a social media marketing plan.

Take a peek here...

Meaningful interactions...

In January 2018 Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook was to become all about ‘meaningful interactions', prioritising friends, family and groups and showing less from businesses, brands and media.

The new Facebook algorithm (a finite set of instructions) regarded commenting and sharing more important than likes and click-throughs. Here is a bit more info...

Don’t get lost and buried alive...

Facebook uses surveys to understand their customers and there are constant changes on the platform. It’s hard to keep up with new algorithms or even know about them! So how can you keep your Facebook business page in the game and not get lost and buried alive?

  • GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT! Make the content on your business Facebook page worthwhile and interesting. Facebook has made it clear that they want to see more interactions

Did you know? Facebook ranks people’s posts and decides what should be prioritised. They score the content and place the post where they think it should go then they look for reactions. Facebook is looking for signs like a ‘heart’ rather than a ‘like’, active emotions, replying to comments and if a person shares some content from your Facebook business page in a private message to someone, you get a gold star!

  • GO LIVE! Facebook love video, especially ‘live’ video. Why not show a behind the scenes look at your business?

*Top tip* Facebook and YouTube are competitors if you load a video directly to your Facebook feed instead of linking to your video on YouTube you will be looked upon favourably.

  • SHOW THEM THE MONEY! Facebook needs businesses that want to advertise on their platform so they can make money from ad campaigns. Don't worry, you don’t have to spend a lot to get noticed, you can create an ad campaign in the Ads Manager tool or simply ‘boost’ a post for a small amount of money

*Top Tip* Boost an organic post that has performed well - Facebook will be able to see straight away that it is a ‘worthwhile’ post.

  • MAKE THEM AN OFFER! If Facebook sees you giving things away in your ads or creating a special offer that will score you extra points. It’s all about adding value to people’s lives

  • FRONT LOADING TEXT. You need to capture the attention of your audience so make sure the title and intro sentences to your posts are interesting and appropriate

*Top Tip* Take a look at what other people are writing in your industry, what content is getting a good reaction?

  • GIVE THEM A REASON TO WANT TO KNOW YOU AND COME BACK AGAIN. What’s in it for them? Why should people visit your Facebook page rather than another business page? Does your business have a USP? How can you enhance a person’s life and give them a reason to come back to your page?

*Top Tip* Drip feed valuable, insightful and useful information, divide great content into separate parts or do a series of related posts

  • START A POLL. People like to answer a simple question that could reveal a valuable answer and the results from the poll are an excellent reference source for an article that you are writing for your business blog **Why blog?**

  • START A GROUP. There is so much that people can learn from each other, starting a group relevant to your industry is an excellent way to do that. Build a community and build your brand awareness

  • STOP SHAMELESS ENGAGEMENT BAIT. When people started to use Facebook business pages, it was recommended practice to ask people to share your posts on social media platforms. Facebook now see that as shameless engagement bait, they want to see people sharing and responding to content without being asked to

  • BE 10% WACKY! It’s good to be different, to stand out from the crowd and there is no harm in trying something unusual or wacky. Something random and interesting, why not try an office boomerang or video, ‘A day in the life of the creative team’

  • STAY ACTIVE. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on social media platforms to build your brand awareness and it can be slotted into your marketing schedule. Ten minutes in the morning, mid-afternoon or early evening for example

  • NEVER ASSUME. Sometimes things can be unpredictable, you think something is going to be popular and attract attention and it doesn’t then you can do something less interesting to you and it spreads like wildfire

  • GET RECOMMENDATIONS. Feedback is always good and you should ask for recommendations from customers. It reinforces your credibility and is a shareable asset

  • ASK. Ask people questions, people normally like to share their thoughts and help others

  • EDUCATE THEM. Share insightful and valuable information that will help people, reveal you are an expert in your field

  • YOUR PROFILE. When you complete your business profile take advantage of the option to put your business into 3 different categories. Use a good profile and cover photo or cover video. Complete all the sections of your profile including the location because sometimes people search by area

  • EMBED YOUR FACEBOOK POSTS IN YOUR WEBSITE. You can put your Facebook feed onto your website and here’s how!

Here are some things you should know about Facebook for business:

  • Collection Ads - make it easy for people to browse your products, look how!

  • The clear history tool - Facebook is slowly rolling this feature out, however, the history will disappear but won’t be deleted. Find out more here...

  • Facebook Pixel - you can put a code on your website to help track conversions when you use Facebook Ads. Want to know more? Look here...

  • The grey badges were removed - the grey badge on a business page showed that it was a genuine business page. Facebook removed them because they were causing confusion for users. Find out more here...

  • The split testing tool - this allows you to change variables on an ad such as creative, delivery, audience and placement (you can only change one variable at a time). Find out more here...

  • The native ads tool - gives you the control to design the perfect ad units, how? Find out more here...

  • Mobile ad sizes - these have changed to 4.5 max. Find out more here...

  • Relevance score - the relevance score for your ad used to be based on one thing but now it is based on 3, quality, engagement and conversion rate. Find out more here...

In conclusion, by educating yourself about the different options with Facebook for your business and educating your followers you shouldn’t get buried alive and Facebook will make you one of their star pupils if you’re well behaved.

*Top Tip* stay up to date with the changes!

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