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Build your brand awareness without fear

I’ve learnt from my business failures and my mistakes - have you?

Chill out and don't break a nail. Use my 45 brand awareness reminders and be grateful you're not Theresa May.

Don’t be afraid of failure in business, every business will make mistakes - what is important is how you recover from them. Keep building your brand awareness without fear. Remember, fear is temporary, regret is forever.

Failure... sometimes it's hard to accept and it plays on your mind. My advice...

"Let it go, let it go!"

Have you made business mistakes? Me too...

It's happened, you need to move forwards and continue to build your brand awareness without fear. Mistakes will happen again - it’s human nature. To be honest, sometimes failure comes with eventual great achievement and satisfaction. However...

Sometimes owning a business and making decisions can be scary...

  • Where is the next customer coming from?

  • When will I see the money in the bank?

  • Shitaki mushrooms, I’ve made a right mess of that.”

Talking from experience...

  • Where is the next customer coming from? Don’t put all your eggs into one basket (I’ve made that mistake), be forward thinking about your business and don’t forget ABM (Account Based Marketing) - look after your regular customers well

  • When will I see the money in the bank? Ah yes, the money in the bank issue. It’s a tough one, if you’re a trusting nice person (I am) it’s difficult to be forthright about money owed but you need to be and should seek advice if customers aren't paying!

  • Shitaki mushrooms, I’ve made a right mess of that.” When the shitaki mushrooms moment happens - you have to let it go! Keep moving forwards

Failure can be really valuable and acceptance gives you peace of mind...

As the saying goes… ‘everything happens for a reason.’ A failure could be because of bad timing, lack of planning or strategy, weak management or staffing issues. The key thing is to identify what went wrong, why did it happen and how can you stop it from happening again?

Don’t let failure in your business put you off, grab it by the horns and build your brand awareness without fear. Try a different angle, listen to people and involve people with other skill sets, 'fresh eyes' are wonderful.

Flimsy flyers, broken nails and disgruntled potential customers...

I’ve made mistakes in my businesses, it’s impossible to be good at everything - I’ve tried and it resulted in a glass(es) of wine, a bar of Galaxy chocolate and me proclaiming I’m useless at everything. Now I just cash in on my strengths and work on my weaknesses - that involves less wine and chocolate and more studying and asking people questions, even Joe Blogs, as I said, 'fresh eyes' on a challenge are wonderful.

I'm happy to share one of my brand awareness failures…

I ordered flyers for one of my businesses - the standard, cheaper version of flyers because I was trying to save money. However, I gave up delivering the flyers after a while because I struggled to get them through people’s letterboxes because they were so flimsy. Having broken some nails, annoyed people in their homes by trying to push through their letterbox , I gave up and went home. I didn’t get any communication through the flyer deliveries and I embarrassed myself.

I won’t do that again and I will be more sensible about my brand awareness and quality.

Brand awareness

The ultimate goal of most businesses is to increase sales and make a profit. To achieve this, you need to create brand awareness.

The key things to brand success are:

  • Self-definition

  • Authenticity

  • Transparency

  • Accountability

  • Creating a style making you identifiable to others

  • Being top of mind by getting yourself on a customer’s radar

  • Great content marketing skills delivered in a creative manner

  • Consistent storytelling about your brand

Here are 45 considerations for brand awareness (including Brexit):

1. Logo.

2. Brand consistency.

3. Goals.

4. Reputation.

5. Value

6. Experience.

7. Quality.

8. Killer content.

9. Unique selling points (USP).

10. Emotional connection.

11. Encouragement.

12. Existence and availability.

13. Social interaction.

14. Directories.

15. Keeping an ongoing dialogue.

16. Analytics.

18. Website content.

19. Blog articles and vlogs

20. Videos.

21. Giveaways.

22. Storytelling.

23. PR.

24. Direct mail.

25. Press releases.

26. Exhibitions.

27. Promotions.

29. Social media networking sites.

30. Reviews.

31. Working with other companies.

32. Case studies.

33. Surveys.

34. Images.

35. Conventions and trade shows.

36. News articles.

37. Influencers.

38. Sponsorship.

39. Competitions and awards.

40. Webinars and podcasts.

41. Paper advertising.

42. TV.

43. Magazine articles or local magazines.


45. Brexit! It affects just about everything...

And now we draw to an end. I've admitted failure, talked about mushrooms, chocolate and wine. I've given you 45 things to think about, mentioned Brexit and all that is left to say is build your brand awareness without fear… Let's be honest, who knows what state our country will be in this time next year, if you're going to worry about anything - it should be that.

I hope you found some of the information in this article useful.

Remember, fear is temporary, regret is forever.

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