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For my customers, my job is to use the written word to attract readers who in turn could be their potential customer.

I am a ‘Content Writer’, otherwise known as a ‘Copywriter’ and I write about any topic.

In more detail, this is what I do for my clients:

Website content

I have two businesses, one is as a Content Writer and the other as a small business website designer. www.smallbizzwebsites.co.uk create a tailor-made website for businesses and also offer marketing services that include social media and content marketing.

In addition to that, clients that already have a website, come to me for other written content for that site.

Blog articles

I write blog articles for all industries about any topic. A customer can either give me a title, a brief, text to work with or an article that needs reconstructing.

Blog articles can be written in different tones - technical, casual, entertaining or educational for example.

The article can be simple, complex, reveal a human side to a business and be informative.

A blog article is an excellent social media asset and helps with SEO.

Magazine articles

Businesses come to me to write articles for their magazines whether that be online or offline! Much like with all my work, when required I do a lot of the research making sure that I get my information from legitimate sources.

Magazine articles can go from a small word count up to about 3000 words but of course, different customers and different industries have specific requirements.

Press releases

Product launches or events normally have a form of an announcement about their new offerings and in some cases, a press release.

I help customers include vital information making sure they give their product or service an excellent intro.

Email campaigns

My customers come to me and ask me to construct an email, those emails are normally connected to online information of which I create myself or source.

Other services

  • Product descriptions

  • Competition entries

  • Marketing materials

  • Anything where the written word is needed - I’m never stuck for words.

This is what my customers have to say about me …. testimonials

Why would a business want to use a Content Writer?

A business owner...

  • Might not have the ability to put into words what they want to say

  • Might not have the time or inclination to create content

  • Might not have enough information and need a Content Writer to do the research to produce good content

  • Might not have the ability to write technical or non-technical

  • Might not have the ability to write with creativity and emotion - after all, emotions do sell

**We buy something or use a service because we like it or need it, that desire comes with emotions.**

As a Content Writer, it is my job to find out relevant information by doing research or spending time with my customers to understand their business.

Content Writers bring fresh eyes on a company’s offerings, if you think about it, we could be a potential customer so we will have an idea of what information we would like or need to know about a company’s service or products.

When it comes to content, I should make life easier for you - taking on a job that potentially you don’t have time for or want to do.

These are some of the questions that I may ask you if you require my services:

  • What is the topic and why are you writing about it?

  • What questions do your potential customers ask you about this topic?

  • What content has worked for you in the past, what do your customers like and react to?

  • What hasn’t worked for you in the past and what do you not want in the article?

  • What is the need to know facts for this content?

  • Do you have a unique selling point for this article?

  • Is there a special offer?

  • Should this content solve a problem, educate, add value, sell something, evoke emotions or be a mixture of all?

  • Do you have a preferred title or specific content? If not - I will come up with some suggestions taking into consideration keywords, key phrases and SEO

  • Would you like me to research the hot topics for your industry, look at what your competitors are doing or be creative and come up with something different?

  • Should there be an emotional emphasis on the content? For example, ‘with our product, we can make your life easier and more comfortable allowing you to be able to relax and not worry.’

  • What tone would you like the article written in? Technical or non-technical?

  • Do you want to show a human side and a sense of humour within the article?

  • Do you want me to quote something and what is the source of this information so we can make reference to it at the end of the article?

  • Do you need a call-to-action at the end of the article?

  • Do you need a reference to a specific product within the article?

  • What word count do you need?

  • When do you want the article?

Top tip...

When it comes to content, sometimes it’s trial and error. The content you think your customers might react well to might not be the case. In general, it’s about finding what works for your customers and doing more of that and the things that aren’t working - don’t waste your time on anymore.

How do you know what content is working or not?

Reactions, analytics, feedback, increased awareness of your business and offerings, an increase in sales, increase in website visitors. Happy customers!


Listen to your customers and with the content, you supply them answer their questions, add value, insights and educate. Reveal a human side to your business and build the ‘know, like and trust’ factor. When it comes to content, don’t be afraid to try something different - within reason, you don’t want the content to damage your business.

Valuate, assess, test and learn from mistakes.

At the end of the day, good storytelling is good marketing. By stories, I don’t mean ‘once upon a time…’ (although that does works in some cases) - I mean the ‘message’ you want to be told on behalf of your business to your customers.

Contact me today for more information about what I can do for you and your business. rachel.roussell@gmail.com or call 07800887857.

Kind regards, Rachel

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