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It's what's inside that counts - take website content for example.

If you are a business with a website or blog site you should use your content as a tool to build relationships.

Using your website content to build relationships with customers old and new.

You should aim to inform, inspire and deliver information that is relevant and what people want to read or see. In most cases, you need to write for your reader, think like your reader and ask, why are they reading your content? How can you build on that?

Once upon a time...

Content marketing is about good story telling - sending the right message, to the right people at the right time (the classic marketing phrase).

You can do this by giving your readers quality, valuable and informative information in a way that is easy to understand with a clear call to action if desired.

Top tips:

• Think creatively, emotionally, borrow good ideas (it’s a compliment to those you borrow the ideas from but be mindful of plagiarism), keep up to date with the changes and hot topics!

• Deliver information that has a purpose and offers a solution to your customer’s problems or needs

• Broadcast your content (in an appropriate manner) and ask people to share your content if they find it valuable. You want them to ‘spread the word’ – to be a testimonial for your knowledge, expertise, service or product Sharing good content builds brand awareness. Be clear about what you are and what you have to offer.

Top tips:

• Build your brand's presence on social media. Are you on the appropriate social media platform for your industry? Don't forget to consider time zones when you are posting. Join online groups that are relevant to you and your customers

• Have a cunning plan! Review what you have done so far, what has worked for you and what hasn't?

• What makes you different? Tell customers why they should pick you, what is special about your brand?

• Be leaders, show your expertise – be proud of your brand and put yourself on your customer's radarWhen you create your content strategy think about how you can help people. Build relationships, be interesting and don’t be afraid to fail.

Top tips:

• Treat social media a little bit like a house party, invite people in – get them to bring their friends

• Put yourself in your customer’s shoes engage and retain, treat them like your partner

• Evoke emotions, enhance your customer's lives, ask for feedback and respond

• Make it easy for them to find you and find the answers they need

Try to comment on other people's content too, it's not a one way street. If something is good, let them know because we all love a pat on the back now and then. When it comes to content marketing, you need to have a content strategy.

Why are you sharing it, when are you sharing it and who are you sharing it with?

Don't forget, Google loves good content and it helps with your SEO.

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