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Cyber security and data protection

If I was to ask you how to define cyber security, what would you say?

You understand the concept but don't know a lot about it?

With the new GDPR just around the corner, you need to know more.


A great name for a fiction novel but by definition, an electronic medium of digital networks used to store, modify and communicate information. Cyberspace influences and makes a big impact on our lives, our businesses and our services.

You would hope that your personal information flying around in cyberspace would be secure and protected. In the past, as we all know, there have been some major data protection nightmares and we will touch on some of those in another article.

The UK government are making on-going transformations to protect UK citizens and businesses. They have a mission to protect people from cyberspace pirates that use data for inappropriate, malicious and illegal purposes. Those pirates scheme, plot and damage computer networks worldwide.

Cyber security plays a massive part in the private and public sector. From national security, the fight against terrorism, crime or industrial devastation for example.

Cybercrime is an everyday occurrence.

The risks of storing data in Cyberspace are huge but necessary and protective security measures should be taken.

Can we really be safe online? Let’s hope so… one day.

Security threats build and the government need to step up their game. They are attacking the problem but is it enough? It’s not just up to the government to sort the problem. It is the responsibility of companies and us as a country.

Cyber security is a topic that we should educate ourselves about. Who and what are we dealing with when it comes to cyber security and data protection?

  • The cyber space pirates – this includes hacktivists groups and terrorists. Their resources, accessibility and capabilities are huge. They have the ability to cause carnage on computer networks. Targeting the government, the military, businesses and individuals

  • Cyber space crime is an extension of normal crime. The difference is, the pirates don’t need to be in the location of the crime to do the deed. It’s a crime that can be free, cheap and on a massive catastrophic scale

  • The heartless pirates can use software (malware) to demolish cyber infrastructure. This could be as simple as taking a website offline or just damaging infrastructure - a process known as CAN (Computer Network Attack)

Businesses have a responsibility to their customers to keep their data safe, as well as to shareholders and investors to remain competitive in a global marketplace.

The new GDPR due to come into force in May 2018 will help tackle the data protection issues. The government are trying to build a country where people know that there data is protected and they can move forward with confidence to use the internet.

How are the government going to deal with cyber security and data protection?

  • Attacking the problem and the source

  • Making businesses realise their responsibilities when it comes to data protection

  • The government will educate organisations so they know how to protect the data

  • A realisation that so far, the government’s effort to deal with the issue has been insufficient

  • Efficient cyber security risk management is vital

  • There needs to be compliance or there will be a fine!

  • There will be a regular review of the challenges

  • The government will get a better understanding of cybercrime and deliver programmes

  • They should be aware of the constant threat changes

  • Cyber insurance policies should be available to an organisation to cover them against a range of cyber risks

Let's hope the government's new efforts help to protect our digital existence. In the meantime, seek advice if you are concerned and make sure you take every step to protect you and your business.

We will return to this topic.

Are you ready for the GDPR?

If you aren't, I can highly recommend a training company: Be.infoready

**If you have a website, you need to seek advice about the data you store on your site.

Ref: https://www.cyberaware.gov.uk/

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