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Content marketing - WWWWW

When it comes to Content Marketing there has to be a content strategy.

• Who are you creating the content for, who is your customer and how can you target them with customized content?

• What is Content Marketing? It's about communicating with your customers and prospects. It is a marketing tool that involves the creation, sharing or publishing of content in order to engage meaningfully with your customers

To be successful with Content Marketing you need to think about your customer and what messages you are trying to get across. You need to consider the tone of the content and its relevance to your target audience. Finally, you need to make it interesting/engaging and ideally have a Call to Action

• Why is there so much emphasis on Content Marketing now? It's a proven fact that great stories travel. Creating an interesting and inspiring content/asset can build an audience and shorten your sales cycle

• When writing content ask yourself what is your objective, your goal and how can you gain the attention of your customer?

You want to build an audience, inspire and show customers and prospects the value of your good content

Once you have created and gathered valuable content…

• Where do you go next? Where do you need to be? If you have done your research properly, you will know where your customers are. If you are B2B, LinkedIn is a good place to start. If you are B2C, Facebook could be the platform for you. Find the platforms that are relevant to you and your customer

It’s not just about social media. How else can you share your content?

• On your website – don’t forget to do a blog or news article. Or could you use it as a headline on your homepage? • Email campaigns – don’t forget to consider data laws. Where are you getting your email addresses from? • Press releases • Direct mail • Cold calling – although, who answers their phone these days unless they know the number? • Account based marketing – speak to the people you know. The people that hopefully trust you already • Business groups • Family and friends – you could have a cousin who needs a new security system! • Be sociable – if you’re out and about, start conversations – your milkman could be your next lead!

When will you see benefits from your increased efforts to provide great content? What is the ROI?

Rome wasn't built in a day! Be consistent, inspire your customers and don't feel that you have to write a lot of text, if it's valuable and interesting content people will read it and people will return.

Michelin Guide - The greatest piece of Content marketing ever created!

Content Marketing isn't new. One of the greatest and most successful examples of Content Marketing was created and launched back in 1900 when Edouard and Andre Michelin were stuck with a big problem. The brothers devised a way to increase the demand for cars and then for their tyres.

Find out more about the history of content marketing here…


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