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There's a tiger in my wardrobe

'Dad, there’s a tiger in my wardrobe!' Bobby shouted when he woke up. He sat up in bed holding a torch in one hand and his cricket bat in the other. He shone his torch onto the wardrobe door and waited for the big furry paw to appear again. Bobby had never seen more than the furry paw but he was convinced that it belonged to the tiger from his jungle adventure book, maybe a boy eating tiger?

Bobby’s dad came up the stairs. He walked into Bobby’s bedroom and opened the wardrobe door. ‘There are no tigers in your wardrobe.’ He said for tenth time that week. ‘Ye..ye..yes there is and he has big furry paws and eats boys for breakfast.’ Bobby said with a quivering voice. His dad looked inside the wardrobe again. ‘There are no tigers in your wardrobe.’ He told Bobby and he went out of the bedroom. ‘Bobby is a cry baby, Bobby is a cry baby!’ Georgina shouted from her bedroom. Bobby didn’t like his big sister, she always teased him. Bobby stared at the wardrobe until his eyes were so heavy with tiredness and eventually he fell fast asleep.

‘Knock, knock.’ Someone was knocking on a door. Was it Bobby's bedroom door, or his wardrobe door? ‘Hello? Dad is that you?’ Bobby sat up in bed. There was a long silence and then suddenly the wardrobe door flew open. ‘Hello, hello, hello!’ A funny voice said and a big furry paw came out of the darkness and then a big furry orange and black body and then a…. ‘Grrrrr!’ The stripy tiger roared.

‘Ahhh! Dad, there’s a tiger in my bedroom!’ Bobby shouted as loud as he could. Bobby jumped out of bed, shone the bright torch into the tiger’s eyes and hit him with his cricket bat. ‘Ouch!’ The tiger whimpered and Bobby fell back onto his bed shaking with fear. ‘Stay away!’ Bobby shouted at the battered tiger. ‘Stop!’ The tiger roared. ‘I didn’t mean to scare you, I was just saying hello.’ The tiger said licking his wounds. ‘You had better go away! My dad will be here soon and he is big and strong and he will wrestle you and he will win!’ Bobby shouted and he waved his cricket bat at the tiger who was rubbing his sore head. ‘It’s your fault that I’m here Bobby.’ The tiger told him. ‘Ever since you read your jungle adventure book and got scared about tigers you have convinced yourself that I’m real and I’m not. I am a figment of your imagination. You are dreaming about me Bobby.’ ‘I am?’ Bobby said and he stopped to think for a moment. It was true. The tiger did really scare Bobby when he read the jungle adventure book and he did think that the tiger was real and hiding in his wardrobe. ‘We are all book characters in a story.’ The tiger told Bobby. ‘We’re not real and you shouldn’t let ghosts, monsters or scary things that you read about make you worried or have bad dreams. Stories are supposed to be enjoyable.’ The tiger winked at Bobby.

The big tiger sat on Bobby’s bed and Bobby stared at him. ‘Does that mean you’re not going to eat me?’ Bobby asked. ‘Do I look like I’m going to eat you?’ He replied. The tiger smiled and his clean white teeth sparkled when Bobby shone the torch into the tiger’s face.

‘Would you mind not shining the torch in my face. I keep seeing bright circles.’ The tiger said. ‘I don’t like living in your wardrobe.' The tiger told the boy and he sat on Bobby's bed. 'You and your imagination have put me in your wardrobe.’ The tiger's tail swished around and knocked Bobby's football across the room and it made the tiger jump.

Bobby had a good look at the big furry boy eating cat. He had a round friendly face, soft stripy fur, clean claws and sparkling teeth. Bobby had to admit that the tiger didn’t look like he ate boys. He really didn’t look scary. In fact he looked like a cuddly toy. ‘I’m sorry that I hit you.’ Bobby said and he stroked the tiger’s head. ‘It’s alright but I really would like to get back to the jungle now.’ The tiger purred when Bobby rubbed behind his ears and straightened his whiskers. ‘You have to read the story book and at the end if you're not scared anymore I will disappear.' The tiger gave a cheesy grin. ‘Can I ask you a favour before you go?’ Bobby asked. ‘Yes.’ The tiger said whilst he walked around the bedroom looking at Bobby’s toys and drinking from Bobby's fish tank. ‘Will you visit my sister in her bedroom? She always teases me and she's annoying.’ Bobby said. A gold fish had got stuck in the tiger's fur when he took his head out of the tank so Bobby had to rescue the fish and put it back into the water. 'Oops, sorry.' The tiger said waving at the fish in the tank hoping the fish would hear his apology. 'Scare your sister?' The tiger said whilst he scratched his head. 'Maybe I will, maybe I won't.' He laughed. He walked over to the wardrobe, picked up the story book with his big teeth and gave it to Bobby. ‘I’m not scared anymore and from now on I will remember that my stories are just make believe.’ Bobby said as he stroked the happy tiger. ‘That’s great. Now come along and read the story so I can get back in the jungle and you can keep dreaming about nice things.’ The tiger said. Bobby opened the story book and began to read. ‘Once upon a time there was a Tiger called Terrance and he lived in the jungle with his friends…’ Bobby read the whole story without stopping and when the story came to an end he looked up. Terrance the tiger waved at him and then he disappeared like a magic trick and Bobby fell fast asleep. ‘Dad, there’s a tiger in my bedroom!’ Bobby was woken by his sister who was screaming. He heard angry footsteps and then his door opened. ‘How many times do I have to tell you Bobby?’ His dad said to him in an angry voice. ‘I know dad, there isn’t a tiger in my wardrobe.’ Bobby said with a smile and his dad looked puzzled. ‘Dad, there’s a tiger in my bedroom!’ Georgina screamed. ‘Oh no. Not her as well.’ Bobby’s dad closed the bedroom door and went to see Georgina. ‘Thanks Terrance.’ Bobby said when he looked at the story book on his bed and Terrance the tiger winked at him and waved goodbye.

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