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What are the key points for a marketing strategy?

A business marketing strategy is a destination - where you want to be and by a certain time.

A business marketing strategy is a map to success!

Marketing is the promotion and selling of a service or product. It focuses on attracting customers, getting them to buy and making sure that they are happy with that offering.

Before starting any marketing project you have to ask yourself what are your goals and what are you trying to accomplish?

We all know the basics but it's good to remind ourselves sometimes...

A marketing strategy should address five key points:

  1. What is the objective?

  2. Who are the target customers?

  3. How will the goal be achieved?

  4. What tactics would be used?

  5. What is the timeline and budget?

As a little re-cap... the elements of a marketing strategy should include the 7 P’s: Product, price, place, promotion, people, process and presence.

Good marketing is making sure that you have the right offering, in the right place and at the right time.

By bringing together marketing baseline best practices with today's marketing environment where we are embracing social media and digital engagement, we can create strategies to best suit everyone. Social media and web-based platforms function differently than traditional marketing/PR platforms. Using social media is more influential than other forms of 'traditional' communication when it comes to spreading your message. Digital platforms like web, mobile and social media currently have the highest effect among marketing channels in terms of overall, weighted value. This is especially true compared to printed materials. Unlike a lot of outbound marketing, social media messaging can be effective without being intrusive. It's worth noting these considerations...

  1. Campaigns fade out, real time marketing is in.

  2. Inbound marketing grows enterprise-wide.

  3. Know their customers - beyond their demographics.

  4. Marketing becomes more accountable for revenue generation.

  5. Social media gets integrated.

  6. Be mobile or fall behind.

  7. Social and content impact SEO even more.

  8. Companies look to hire more inbound talent.

  9. Big data gets bigger and digestible.

  10. Marketers embrace smart content.

  11. Marketing speaks like a human - social interaction content.

  12. Email lives on.

  13. Inbound, not automation becomes priority.

  14. Marketing technology evolves.

  15. Content is King.

  16. Content crowd sourcing grows.

  17. Marketing gets gamified.

  18. A picture is worth a 1000 words.

  19. Context and content will be new best friends.

  20. Outbound marketing loses traction.

I believe a smart, balanced integrated marketing strategy is best and these factors should be taken into account when constructing your strategy:

  • Create a content strategy that attracts the right customers and builds trust

  • Think outside of the box

  • Try, test and tweak

  • Understand your prospects and customers and see how your inbound approach is working

  • Look in depth into social networks to understand needs and challenges

  • Make smart calls, not cold calls

  • Use tools to narrowly target prospects and invite them with valuable, educational content

  • Develop and publish better content by targeting what your customer is looking for

  • Use LinkedIn to share relevant content with target audiences

  • Optimise form completion by offering more relevant content

  • Feature more links on your home page

  • Match nurturing techniques to the customer's behaviour, give them information relevant to what they want to know

It's not just about Inbound Marketing - clever marketers use good content with some Outbound tactics to attract leads.

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