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Why should you use LED lighting?

Light up your life and save money!

An LED bulb is more than 10 times the efficiency of regular incandescent lighting. More efficient at turning electricity into light and provides you with a large selection of colour choices. LED lights are more reliable, easy to replace, and of course, saves you energy costs.

We are going to give you 5 reasons why you should be using LED lights.

To start with… What does LED stand for?

Light emitting diode which is a solid state lighting device that creates light using a semiconductor to produce light. A light that produces output using electroluminescence.

Why upgrade to LED?

1. Brightness LED lights are very efficient at converting electricity into visible light output. Much more efficient than standard fluorescent and incandescent halogen lights. When compared to incandescent lights where less than 5% of the energy used is converted to visible light and most of it is turned into thermal radiation. A typical incandescent bulb has an efficacy of 16 lumens per watt of energy consumed and a typical fluorescent bulb has an efficacy of 60 lumens per watt of energy consumed. Typical LED bulbs have a high efficacy of over 90 lumens per watt of energy consumed.

2. Colour Selection LED lighting products are not limited to just one single shade of colour like incandescent lamps are, they are able to produce light in a fairly wide colour spectrum. By changing the semiconductor material used, different colours can be easily achieved. By most standards, automotive and commercial/industrial/residential alike, colour is measured by Kelvin temperature, this does not directly relate to the physical temperature of the light, but rather the colour emitted at that specific temperature range.

3. Reliability LED lamps are very reliable and require virtually no maintenance. The average expected life expectancy of a LED lamp is over 40,000 operating hours. This benefit is highly desirable for any consumer whether residential or commercial/industrial because this means less time changing out faulty lights. Commercial and industrial applications such as warehouses and properties where the lights are on 24/7, 365 days a year will greatly benefit from the reliable nature of LED lighting.

4. Energy Savings LED lighting is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to save money on energy costs. If you were to drive any major city and look at the skyscrapers at night, you'll notice that the majority of the buildings have their lights on, but nobody inside them. For safety and security reasons, lights are constantly kept on at places like this and the costs of electricity can become staggeringly high if they are using incandescent or even fluorescent lights. The initial costs of the LED lamp and installation can be expensive, but the ROI (return on investment) can be typically seen within 18 months of the upgrade for most applications.

5. Ease of Replacement LED lamps are not difficult to replace at all, thanks to the simple design, LED lights can be easily designed and manufactured to resemble the original bulb dimensions. For example, there are PAR series LED lamps and other medium base (E26) LED lamps available that directly replace the original bulb.

However, not all replacement LED lamps are a direct replacement; for example LED T8 tubes do require some slight modification when replacing fluorescent T8 lamps. This modification is very slight and is required as typical fluorescent tubes use ballasts to provide power. LED lights have internal (and sometimes external) drivers that are not compatible with the existing ballast. This is an installation that can be easily done by any electrician or experienced professional.

In a nutshell:

LED lights can produce a crisp, clean, bright white light that effectively turns night into day with extreme durability. Its solid-state construction means that there are no breakable bulbs, fragile filaments, or sensitive electrodes like those found in incandescent, halogen, or HID lighting.

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