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My happy place

My name is Daisy, I am seven years old and I have a happy place in my bedroom. When things go wrong and I get sad that is where I go. I am going to tell you why I have a happy place and how it came about.

When I was four years old my pet caterpillar died and I was really sad. When I was five I lost my Chloe doll and I cried for a whole hour. When I was six I got chicken pox so I had to miss my best friend’s birthday party and I shouted at mummy for not letting me go. A month later my bunny rabbit Thumper died of old age and in the summer I fell out of a tree and broke my arm. On my birthday I got stung by a wasp and I came to the conclusion that growing up was hard to do sometimes.

I struggled to understand why bad things happened and how to cope with it but when my nanna came to visit she told me a secret that really helped me. When she was a little girl she had a happy place. It was a place where she could go to think happy thoughts if she was having a sad day. I loved that secret and I wanted a happy place just like hers.

My nanna had a bag that looked like it was made of carpet. It was filled to the top with her favourite things including her china teapot. She took her china teapot everywhere she went. Nanna said her teapot made the best tea in the world and I believed her. Next to the china teapot was a big red book. Nanna gave it to me and she told me to write down everything that made me sad or write about things that I didn’t understand, so I did.

I wrote about my caterpillar, my doll, my best friend’s birthday party, my bunny rabbit called Thumper, me breaking my arm and being stung by a wasp. I did feel a little bit better after writing it down and I kept the red book next to my bed just in case I thought of anything else. The next day nanna went shopping when I was in my ballet class and when I came out she was holding a small notice board and a bag. Nanna wouldn’t let me look inside the bag which was annoying but exciting. When we got home daddy put the notice board on my wall above my shelf. ‘Now Daisy I want you to read to me what you wrote in your red book yesterday.’ Nanna said. I opened the big red book and the first thing I read about was my caterpillar and nanna surprised me when she took a little beanie baby caterpillar out of the bag. She told me to put it on my shelf. Then I told nanna about my Chloe doll and she took a baby doll out of the bag and I put it on the shelf next to the caterpillar. I told nanna about me missing my best friend Molly’s birthday party and she gave me a photograph of Molly and then I stuck it on my notice board. Next nanna took a little cuddly toy bunny rabbit out of her bag and I put it on the shelf next to the caterpillar. Nanna was a good artist and she drew a funny picture of me falling out of a tree with wasps and butterflies flying around my head and I put the picture on the board next to Molly. Nanna and I made a sparkling sign with sequins and glitter glue and on it I wrote….

'My Happy Place'

We hung the sign above the notice board in my bedroom. We looked at all the objects and talked about how they made me feel. I love my happy place and whenever I feel sad that is where I go. I write down what I am thinking, I draw pictures or I make things to go on my shelf.

If I’m a really good girl sometimes I find sweeties on my shelf. If one of my teeth comes out I leave it on the shelf for the tooth fairy and this Christmas Eve I am going to leave a mince pie for Father Christmas. I love my happy place and you would too.

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