• Rachel Roussell

The red gloves

'A gift' he said as he handed me the box

'I'm sorry do I know you?' I asked

Who is this man that is smiling at me?

This stranger, this person talking confidently

He is tall, mysterious and curiously charming

But I find his insistence slightly alarming

'Open it!' he tells me and overwhelmed I do

Red gloves lay before me from a man I never knew

'Put them on!' he tells me and astonished I do

Red guardians on my hands were before me

'Your my valentine!' he tells me then he smiles,

walks away

I'm excited and enchanted for the rest of the day

A blizzard came then, but my hands were not cold

I thought of the man so handsome and bold

'May I sit here?' A voice said out of the blue

He had returned the next day with intentions she knew

'I have another gift for you' he said with a laugh

I blushed as he handed me a beautiful red scarf

We walked in the snow, we were strangers mesmerized

Talking, agreeing so much to my surprise

Dinners, dancing, romance, all good fun

A wonderful relationship had just begun

I wear my red gloves with a surprise underneath

A ring, an engagement, a devoted love, a belief

A marriage, some children, but that wasn't that

For the following Valentine he bought me a red hat.

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