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4 Lead generation steps to success

B2B companies are always looking for new customers that can benefit from their services.

Here are 4 Lead Generation steps to success to help you on your sales journey.

1. Understand the psychology of your customer - The majority of the human race have a mindset to avoid pain and desire pleasure. To understand your buyer you need to know what they associate pain and pleasure to. How do the minds of the decision makers function? What triggers their drive? What already influences them? In most cases people gravitate to the least challenging course of action. Are you offering that? In simple terms, know and understand your customer and their needs - give them what they want. Trigger their emotions because emotions sell.

A recommended read on this topic: 'Who's in charge? Free will and the science of the brain' - Written by Dr Michael Gazzaniga.

2. Develop an audience - Marketing is about story telling and capturing an audience. Integrated/multi-channel marketing is a very effective way to build an audience. Giving your customer a choice of how your story can be told to them and how they can tell their own story. There are many variables to a marketing mix and many methods of marketing. Some people are put off by Social Media marketing because of their lack of understanding about the process, best practices and providing clear ROI. It is said that cold calling is dead and direct mail is old fashioned but stop and think for a moment, how many unopened emails do you have in your inbox? Could you be sitting in your customer's inbox failing to tell your story? Put your company on a customer's radar and keep your brand top of mind.

3. Hook and nurture - One goal in the process of Lead Generation is to identify ideal clients with the greatest life time value and commence the lead scoring process. If you offer a great value proposition and target the right market you can hook a potential customer and nurture your relationship with them by answering questions,solving problems and alleviating doubts. Working on time, budget and resources, fulfilling dreams and needs, and simplifying a solution. The customer wants to get from A-Z and if you understand their psychology and give them what they want you can turn the lead into a sale. A recommended read: 'The new rules of Lead Generation' - Written by D T Scott.

4. Never give up on a good thing - If you lose a hot lead having spent months educating and nurturing a potential customer never give up. They were interested once, they could be interested again. It's not a matter of pestering, it's a process of finding and providing new services of value and maintaining the relationship that you had built with the customer even though they didn't choose to use you in the end. They could be interested in some of your other services. Once you've built a rapport keep the link alive, you just never know.

If you want people to buy products and services, keep inventing new ones and show diversity. Consistency will unlock doors, doors to new opportunities.

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